Workout Advent Calendar


Hey hey! How are you doing? Hope you’re having a lovely morning. I can’t believe December will be here TOMORROW. Even though we all know I get a liiiiittle too excited about Christmas and the holidays, I feel even more stoked this year. Two years ago we were dealing with all that nasty reflux and medical stuff, and last year, Christmas flew by in a blur since we were moving out of our San Diego house to high-tail it to Tucson on Christmas … [Read more...]

15 Minute AMRAP Jump Rope Workout

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Got 15 minutes? Try this quick AMRAP jump rope workout that will get your heart pumping while targeting your legs and core. No equipment needed (besides a jump rope), unless you want to make it bit more challenging and add weights.  “Never miss a Monday” is one of my favorite fitness quotes and it’s one that’s stuck with me since I started my healthy lifestyle back in college. What you do on Monday sets the tone for your whole week, just as … [Read more...]

Functional Core Workout

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Hi friends! How are you? Hope your week is going well so far. Don’t forget to enter the Naturally More giveaway here! I’ll announce the winners on Friday. For today, the girls and I are enjoying a low-key morning, and Liv has orientation at her new school. It’s girls’ night tonight (yes!) and I’m going to make some chicken tikka in the Instant Pot. For today, I have a functional core workout for ya! The key word here is “functional” so this means … [Read more...]

Upper Body Burner

Image Workout-5-Upper-Body-Burner.png

Hey hey! Happy Wednesday! How’s the week going? I’m loving’ all of your Summer Shape Up check-ins and comments! Let’s keep the enthusiasm going. Today, I have a new upper body burner for you. This one includes some of my very favorite exercises for building lean, beautiful, and strong upper body muscles. You can add this in your Summer Shape Up calendar (it’s workout #5) or just try it out on the days you want to sculpt those guns. Some form … [Read more...]

HIIT & Strength (Cardio Burn Workout)

Image hiit-and-strength-combo-workout.png

Hi friends! Happy Tuesday! Happy Amazon Prime day, too. I’m excited to lurk some of the deals. I quickly browsed yesterday and they had these oil diffusers and Simple Mills’ goodies. Let me know if you find anything awesome! (I’m in the market for a mirrorless camera and a vacuum. #adulting) Today I have an all-new workout for you, which is part of our Summer Shape Up that starts on MONDAY. I’ll be posting all of the details here on the blog, but … [Read more...]

Resistance band loop strength + cardio workout

Image resistance-band-loop-workout.png

This total body workout uses the resistance band loop to burn those hard-to-target inner and outer thighs + elevate your heart rate with cardio blasts. Hey hey! How’s the week going?? We’re having a great one over here. Madre and nana leave tomorrow (wah!) so we’re definitely living up their last couple of days here. For this morning, I have an all-new workout for you using one of my very favorite workout tools: the resistance band loop! These … [Read more...]

Barre-based booty burner

Image barre-based-booty-burner-workout-and-video-tutorial.png

Hi friends! Happy Thursday! Hope your morning is off to a great start. I taught yoga again last night, and felt SO much better about it. I was pretty nervous last week, so this week I spent a lot of time planning out the sequence, thinking of things/cues I wanted to say, and finding some heart-pumping beautiful music. If you’d like, I can post the sequence in Friday Faves tomorrow. Today, I’m excited to share a super fast, super intense … [Read more...]

Total body towel workout

Image kitchen-towel-workout.jpg

Hey heyyyy. Happy Wednesday! How’s the week going?? Ours has been a good one. I trained a client yesterday, took the girls to their lessons, and we had family dinner at the country club. The food was really good and since it was family night, there were lots of boisterous kiddos. (P has recently decided she hates restaurants, and the high chair, but did awesome last night. So, it was actually kind of… peaceful. haha.) This morning, I’m getting in … [Read more...]

Treadmill Sprint Workout + playlist

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Hi friends! How are ya? Happy almost-Friday! I’m so ready for the weekend. We have lots of fun plans with friends, and I’m excited to take a couple of new classes. I’ll be sure to report back! For the most part, I’ve been following along the Barre Bootcamp challenge, and doing my own thing here and there. I’ve been really into HIIT intervals on the treadmill lately (since I can’t fill my Orangetheory void), and I love how quickly they fly by. 25 … [Read more...]

Flow and Burn yoga-inspired strength workout

Image flow-and-burn-yoga-strength-workout.jpg

Hi friends! How are you?? How’s the day going so far? What day is it? What is happening?? I seriously feel like it’s Monday, and the weekend is basically tomorrow. (<— Stoked about this fact.) Confused: party of one. During the pre-moving insanity, I’m even more grateful for bursts of activity, meditation, and workouts to keep me functioning. Another thing I’m grateful for: yoga. Give me all the yogas. I have to admit that while the airy … [Read more...]

10K Race Day Warm-Up

Image Running.jpg

Taking a bit of time to warm up on race day will prepare your body for the running work ahead, improve your performance and reduce your risk of injury. This race day warm-up is perfect before a 10K and should only take you about 15-20 minutes. This post is sponsored by Kroger. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  With the weather getting warming and spring races on the horizon, I’ve been running more and as I drive around Richmond I’ve noticed … [Read more...]

Full Body Deck of Cards Workout


Turn your workout into a game with this full body deck of cards workout that combines strength training moves with bursts of cardio. Minimal space and no equipment needed!  I’m always looking for ways to switch up my workout routine and/or make exercise fun so when I first learned about the deck of cards workout, way back when I was working with a local personal trainer before our wedding, I was so intrigued. I love this type of workout because … [Read more...]

4 things that will help you achieve your 2017 fitness goals

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of TomTom®. The opinions and texts are all mine. Hi friends! Hope you’re enjoying the morning so far. Since many of us are in New Year’s planning and goal-setting mode, I thought I’d share some of the things that I think can help up achieve our health and fitness goals in the new year. 1) Set your goals, and plan action steps to make them happen. The first part is making sure you actually … [Read more...]

Walking HIIT Treadmill Workout

Image 25-Minute-Walking-HIIT-Workout.jpg

An easy to follow 25 minute walking HIIT treadmill workout that uses hill intervals to really get your heart pumping! I’m back from Canada and basically dying from the humidity here in Richmond. It’s insane. The weather in Winnipeg was so refreshing and totally made me ready for fall. I can’t wait to share more details about my trip soon, but in the meantime I have a quick walking HIIT treadmill workout for you today. Lately I’ve cut way back on … [Read more...]

Upper body circuit workout

Image IMG_0667.jpg

Hi friends! How’s the day going? Thank you so much for chiming in with your productivity tips this morning. Speaking of productivity, mine has been LOW today… because it’s 1:30pm and P is taking her first nap. Her energy is admirable, and it’s hard to be like, “Why aren’t you napping?!” when she’s smiling and cracking up the entire time. I tried to rock her and sing her a lullaby, and it resulted with her entire hand in my mouth while she belly … [Read more...]

5 Exercises to Lose Those Love Handles

Image Knee-to-Elbow.jpg

Want to lose your love handles fast? Here’s a workout with five exercises that target the core and obliques to help you lose those love handles. I recommend these moves in combination with a regular exercise program and clean eating to see major results.  When I asked a few friends what type of workout they’d like for me to post next several of them mentioned wanting to see moves to help with love handles. Ugh! Love handles are the … [Read more...]

Balls to the wall medicine ball workout

Image IMG_8877.png

Hi friends! How’s the morning treating ya? I’m still getting back in the swing of things after vacation. Our three suitcases exploded all over our room, I’m playing catch-up on life and work stuff from the weekend, and trying to get things back into a groove. Maybe by the time I figure everything out it will be the weekend again? We can only hope haha. Also, tomorrow is my surgery. I’ve been in denial that it’s actually happening, but I’m excited … [Read more...]

Spring Bodyweight Workout + Tart Cherry Pineapple Cake Parfait

Image spring-bodyweight-workout.jpg

This post is sponsored through my partnership with the Cherry Marketing Institute. Hi friends! Spring is officially here, and we’re getting into that weather “sweet spot” where you can take your workout outside. It’s a great way to switch up your routine, and also get a little fresh air. When we lived in Tucson, I’d get some questions and/or funny looks for taking my workouts outside. This is also because Tucson is usually a thousand degrees, but … [Read more...]