EIGHT Beginner Training Plans to Run Your First 5K

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As I've mentioned several times, when I first started running in 2010, I literally could not run even 500 feet. A mile sounded completely impossible. And a 5K? How on earth did people do that?! I tried the Couch to 5K plan a few times, and I just couldn't get past week 3. Week 4 was too big of a jump in distance for me. Also, I despised running intervals. The Couch to 5K plan has you run for a period, then walk, then run, then walk, over and … [Read more...]

Goals for 2018

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I am a goal setter. I always have been, and probably always will be. I am a list maker. I have books full of lists that I've written, most of them "to do" lists or "goals" lists. I love thinking about things I would like to change, improve, or accomplish and then making a plan on how to go about doing it. One of the most helpful and motivating things I did during my weight loss was to track my accomplishments in lists. Losing 125 pounds was one … [Read more...]

A First Timer’s Half-Marathon Training Plan (for new runners)

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I've written a few different half-marathon training plans--one for walkers who want to walk a half-marathon; one for the very beginner, a non-runner who wants to run a half-marathon in six months; and one for experienced runners who want to finish feeling strong. It's about time I wrote one for the average novice runner who perhaps wants to step up their game and run a half-marathon. Maybe you just finished your first 5K, and you're feeling that … [Read more...]

Thrifty Thursday: Budget Update and New (Thrift) Running Clothes

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It's been a while since I've written a Thrifty Thursday post! Jerry and I are still following our budget plan, and it feels really easy now. We've gotten so used to it that it's not even on my mind much. It feels very automatic. Last month, we weren't able to pay ANY extra onto the credit card. In other circumstances, I would not be happy with the fact that we couldn't pay anything extra--but the reason for it wasn't due to frivolous … [Read more...]

A Trainer Explains How Running (Yes, Running!) Can Give You a Bigger Butt

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When you think about runners, the kind of body type that probably automatically comes to mind is slender and thin, and you may not imagine them having many curves. But Michael Olzinski, MSc, Purplepatch endurance coach and Equinox run coach, wants you to rethink that stereotype, because running regularly is actually one of the most effective ways to strengthen your glute muscles and build your booty. "The glutes control a tremendous amount of … [Read more...]

Pile on the Miles 2017–Day 18

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Hello!! It’s day 18 of the Pile on the Miles Challenge! We are almost done with the challenge – stay in it 100% It’s National Apple Cider Day – All I want in life is a fresh apple cider donut. That’s it. Thank you. This week we’re talking about proper running form from head to toe. So far we’ve already covered… Head / Neck / Shoulders – Running Form Arms and Hands – Running Form Core and Upper Body Legs and Stride Today we’re talking about … [Read more...]

Podcast–Are you Training or Tiring Yourself?

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Hello! On this episode of the Run Eat Repeat podcast I’m talking about how I was called out on my bullsh!t this week. So, I’m asking myself – am I training or tiring myself?? I’m getting real with asking myself this question… Are you training or tiring yourself? Pile on the Miles starts soon!! The first one was in 2009 and I won 2nd place for the most miles. I took it over in 2010 and would LOVE for you to participate. 1. Sign up on the POTM … [Read more...]

10 K Training Plan for Lexus Lace Up Riverside

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Hello! This weekend is the Lexus Lace Up Ventura Marathon / Half Marathon and 10k! Are you running it (or another race) this weekend? GOOD LUCK!! If you feel motivated to show up to a 10K start line before the year ends – go for it! No excuses – because I’m sharing a 10K training plan that can get you there if you’ve been running regularly and can do about 3 – 4 miles right now. I put together this beginner 10K training plan for a friend who … [Read more...]

Fast Podcast–Race Review Form

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On today’s podcast, we’re talking about how to learn from your race. No matter how you did – leave anything you did wrong behind. It’s done. Don’t beat yourself up. But – make it a learning opportunity and figure out what you can learn from it so you’ll do better next time. Leave the mistake – Take the Lesson. On today’s episode of the Run Eat Repeat podcast we’re talking about 4 questions you need to ask yourself after your race. It doesn’t … [Read more...]

Halloween Costume Tips for Running AND Running Costume Contest

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Hello! Today I’m sharing tips on how to plan for and make a great running costume. Halloween is slowly creeping up on us and there are a lot of races that encourage running in costume. Plus all the Run Disney Races are a great opportunity to dress up to run – so these tips work for anytime you want to run while in a costume. Check out the tips below and then… Enter the Run Eat Repeat Running Costume Contest!! More information and details are at … [Read more...]

Podcast– Last Minute Race Day Tips

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Hello! Today’s Run Eat Repeat podcast is all about those Last Minute Race Tips you want to check and double check two or three days before your race. Good luck to everyone running the Chicago Marathon and Long Beach Marathon & Half Marathon this weekend! Get it done! Last Minute Tips Before Your Race – Half Marathon / Marathon / 10K / 5K Check the Race Day weather. Note the weather at the start / mid-race and finish. Lay out all your … [Read more...]

A Much Needed Makeover

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Finally! A new post. It's been a week since my last, and it's not that I haven't been busy with my blog. I decided to give my blog a makeover. With all the new changes in my life recently, I wanted a fresh start with my blog. There are still lots of things that I want to tweak, but the hard part is done. It took me forever, because I had to learn about HTML and CSS coding. I've decided to stick with the name Runs for Cookies--for several … [Read more...]

Why I Kept Going After I Fell On a Run

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This post is in partnership with BAND-AID® Brand. However, all opinions expressed are my own. No matter how much you love running – when you’re training for a half marathon or full marathon there’s usually a point in at least one of your long runs when you want to quit. Not just kinda sorta call it a day and go home… No. You want to QUIT forever with a capital Q and some cuss words thrown in for emphasis. I’ve been there. I’ve fallen on runs. My … [Read more...]

Reminders for your Long Run

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Hello! How’s it going? Over here it’s going good but I’m definitely overwhelmed with some of the technical details of starting a podcast. I have no idea what I’m doing on the technical side of things – but I’ve wanted to do this for over a year now and just decided to jump in with both feet. It’s coming soon (I’m shooting for next week). I tried out the new-to-me Reebok running shoes for my run yesterday. They have more support than my usual … [Read more...]

2017 Summer Running Checklist

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Can you believe that summer is just a couple of weeks away? I can't either. For the first time (maybe ever, but at least for several years) I am entering summer with a great mindset. My weight is just about a pound from my goal weight (which never happens in the spring); my mood is stable, thanks to the bipolar meds and good therapy; I have some fun things to look forward to; and I'm happier than I've been in a long time.Read more … [Read more...]

Lifestyle changes

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Hey friends! My writing has been so sporadic lately, but I'm not even apologizing for it (not that I ever needed to, but I used to put pressure on myself to write frequently). I didn't even post my Wednesday Weigh-in yesterday (although I did weigh in, so I'll post it below).I've been pretty busy, but not with the usual stuff. My lifestyle has changed quite a bit over the last few months, and it's actually for the better. For … [Read more...]

National Running Day

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Hello! It’s Global Running Day!! Are you running today? Did you already run? Did you skip your run but now feel obligated to squeeze it in later?? Well, I am all about celebrating random holidays – especially holidays that celebrate my favorite things (running and eating)! So, I’m definitely going to celebrate #GlobalRunningDay by buying a globe, going for a run and crossing off the day in my calendar. The story of how Global Running Day got … [Read more...]

My Sunblock for Running Routine and Best Run & Eat from May

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Hello! I had some technical difficulties today so that dominated most of my day. First I was making a video and my phone kept freezing. Then, it wouldn’t upload. And then the internet broke somehow and after a call with customer service I had to go get a new router. The internet is back in action – everything else is still a work in progress. Before all of that excitement I got in a run. I haven’t been able to do any strength training this week … [Read more...]