How to turn on your Aha! Factor before going on a date  

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Preparing for a date, especially when you are meeting for the first time, can include a lot of details to consider right? What to wear, where to go, what you feel insecure about, and how things will ultimately turn out, are just a few of the concerns. When we are embarking on the adventure of finding a new love interest we have a tendency to feel vulnerable, concerned about being able to control our emotions and wondering how to keep a clear head … [Read more...]

Are You in Danger of Being Used Romantically?

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Toxic people attach themselves like cinder blocks tied to your ankles, and then invite you for a swim in their poisoned waters. ― John Mark Green Do you agree or disagree with this quote? I find that it’s tough to look at the evidence and disagree because in life, some people will try to take advantage of us. In other words, their objective is to receive everything they can without giving up much or anything in return. To find an example of this … [Read more...]

The One Person Standing In Between You and Your Soulmate

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You might have been waiting for years for your soulmate to show up. You’ve done the cleanses, visited the astrologers, done every astrological ritual, visited the holy sites, spoken with psychics and had prayers for the ideal mate to show up. You’ve visualized, written out who you’re looking for and affirmed the dream lover that you’ve been waiting for your entire life. Yet, crickets. What gives? Where the hell is this person that was supposed … [Read more...]

5 Things to Start Doing Now to Improve Your Relationship

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Let me guess. You don’t understand why your relationships never turn out that great, right? It looked promising at the start, but now…there are times when you wonder why you bother. Except being alone doesn’t feel that great either. Well, here’s a little secret… You are designed for love in its highest form and here’s 5 things to start doing right now to improve your relationships. 1.First Be Complete No one can complete you, in spite of those … [Read more...]

Conscious Parenting Building Self-Esteem And Confidence

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Key conscious parenting goals; qualities you want your children to have. High self-esteem, strong foundation, creative spirit, integrity, compassion, connection, respect for self, others and the environment. Instill a love for life. It is important to support your children’s endeavors no matter how creative they get. Remember they are children and their ideas will change many times. By encouraging them you are building their self esteem and … [Read more...]

5 Surprising Reasons for Parents to Stop Worrying

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Parents worrying about their kids seems like a pretty normal thing, right? I mean, we love our children and that’s why we worry about them from time to time (okay, maybe all the time). Worrying just means we care, it’s totally normal; but it is also totally unnecessary and potentially damaging in ways you might not realize. “I worry because I love you” was a phrase frequently uttered and insinuated to me throughout most of … [Read more...]

3 Conscious Parenting Tips For Parenting In The New Paradigm

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Parenting in the new paradigm requires parents who are ready to parent from an awakened state. Which would invite them to take a hands on, ears open, constantly tuned in approach. Allowing expression of the soul! The children being born in today’s world have an internal mission to help shift the collective consciousness of this planet, which is requiring a new way of parenting. Some of the children coming in are very purpose … [Read more...]

Are We Contributing to the Failure of a Relationship?

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Are you afraid to admit when certain aspects of your life are in shambles, or do you feel comfortable enough to look at your life and determine through an objective lens that it’s time to make a change? Personally, my romantic life at one point was heading down an unfruitful path, but I was unwilling to acknowledge this potential dead end. At the time also, I was definitely reluctant to admit that I played a role in the long-term failures of my … [Read more...]

The One Thing No One Tells You About Finding Your Life Partner

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There’s so much relationship advice out there about finding your life partner. Do that. Do this. Say that. Say this. Text him this. Call him then. Kiss him after…and on and on and on. Don’t do this and don’t do that. The litany of advice continues from the pages of Seventeen to Cosmo to Your Tango to every other relationship book out there. You’re supposed to look a certain way, speak a certain way, act a certain way, text and call a certain way … [Read more...]

Can Criticism Actually Destroy Your Romantic Life

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In your experience, do you believe that we’re prone to highlight positive or negative things? In fact, let’s dwindle down this general question, and let’s focus on romantic relationships. Now, do you believe that we have an easier time pointing out something our partner does incorrectly, or do you think there’s a much greater importance on what our partners do well in the relationship? For a moment, think back to all of the words you’ve received … [Read more...]

   Top 10 Relationship Secrets of Power Couples We All Envy

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The Self Improvement Blog | Self Esteem | Self Confidence  You know them—the couple everyone looks at and just knows. They just exude love and togetherness. It seems like you never see them apart. They seem like they just “fit” with each other and will be together forever. They are truly soul mates. These are the types of people who are power couples. The ones … [Read more...]

20 Soul-Trapping Relationship Mistakes That Make You Vulnerable to Heartbreaks

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Does the concept of falling in love scare you? Working hard, opening up and completely trusting someone. Only to end up in another shattered emotional investment. People can cheat, fall out of love, or love someone else and this can tattoo the fear of abandonment on your soul. So, tying your heart to someone else feels like handing them the power to affect your life. How do you get a concrete guarantee that the next person you fall for will not … [Read more...]

3 Steps to Break Free of Small Talk

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The Self Improvement Blog | Self Esteem | Self Confidence You know that feeling when a conversation full of potential downgrades to weather-talk? When you really want to hit it off, but you can’t seem to crack the shell of the interaction – that feeling where you’re both talking, but you’re not really getting anything out of it? When you’re striving to reach a … [Read more...]

Top 7 Movie Ideas For The Perfect Date

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If you are going on a first date and are nervous about what interesting questions you might ask your girl, or what fun things you could do, take some tips from the movies! Here are some well-known first date scenes that just might prove to be guaranteed great first dates for you. 10 Things I Hate About You Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger engage in a hilarious and playful scene, in which Stiles and Ledger are running around in white suits throwing … [Read more...]

How to Help a Real Friendship Rise From the Ashes

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The Self Improvement Blog | Self Esteem | Self Confidence How often we end our online chatting with friends with a phrase like “we must catch up,” or “let’s meet up some time” Surely, both of you are sincere in your desire to see each other and maintain a real friendship. But in the swirl of modern life when we have to spin the plates … [Read more...]

3 Unavoidable Truths About Stress and Unhealthy Relationships

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Raise your hand if you’re a people pleaser. If you’re like most people you do things to keep others happy. Not always because you want to but because you fear what reaction you’ll get if you say no. It can cause anxiety to a point where you’ll do whatever it takes to keep the peace and prevent friction even if it means dropping everything you are doing in order to do so. After all, you’re not a selfish person so why should you put yourself … [Read more...]

Reignite Your Love Life This Valentine’s Day

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The Self Improvement Blog The demands of daily living are enough to wane relationships. When resistance to sex builds up, it threatens to terminate a relationship. It ruins the peace of mind of the couples in question. Very few people admit insecurity. When love waxes, we curl away with painful memories of a once hot love. The future becomes an insecure zone, … [Read more...]

Romantic Love That Lasts

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The Self Improvement Blog The program, “The Bachelor” certainly changes the concept of romance, doesn’t it?  Over a number of seasons of bachelors and bachelorettes we’ve seen lots of “romance”—dating, kissing, competing ad nauuseum. When you are competing with others over a relationship doesn’t it get complicated … [Read more...]