9 Important Statements and Questions For My Life Today

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Hello! I miss you! How’s it going? I’ve been MIA over here and was going to wait until the New Year to come back with posts but I got sad and wanted to say ‘Hi!’! Hope all is well and you are having a great holiday. Let me know! Here are my random thoughts I’d love to share today… this is what’s important to my brain movies right now. It helps to share and I feel like we need to catch up! 1. I am Santa Monica!! Or at least I was on Christmas… I … [Read more...]

Thoughts from my run…

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I am always random. But I’m extra random on a run when my thoughts wander and I think about everything from Panda Express to my most embarrassing moment to the fact that I’ve never ordered a martini (not even a green apple or whatever girly one). Anyway. I tried to remember some of my random thoughts while running… Do you think of the most random things as well? 1. I should open a Pho restaurant that’s called Pho Sho. I bet that’s already a … [Read more...]

What I Learned This Week and a Reminder to Make Your Yearly Appt

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Hello! How’s it going? Hope you’re safe. All the hurricane devastation from Harvey and now in Florida is sad and scary. Praying for everyone affected. I’ve had a very busy week! And I learned a lot along the way. This is what I learned this week… 1. Running with music (and when I know I have an early appointment) makes me run faster! 2. Running in the heat makes me run slower. 3. I eat mangoes right after cutting it, standing over the counter … [Read more...]

Best August Running, Recipes and September Goals

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Hello! Happy September!! How’s it going? I have a quick highlights post with my favorite Run and Eat from August … and September goals!! Did you set any? There are only 4 months left in 2017 – set some fun goals, set some running goals… whatever ya do make sure to take action this week. Time flies when you’re having run! First let’s talk about the best food and fitness posts from August… *The RER podcast is taking a break for Labor Day and … [Read more...]


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So I got unexpected message yesterday that my grandma seemed very sick and  might pass that afternoon. It was unexpected because even though she’s 92, she hasn’t been very sick. She had a nurse with her because she’s been having back pain and we’re trying to figure out her pain management situation. I immediately went to see her and be with my family. It was very sad, but I’m grateful we had that time. She passed away this afternoon. … [Read more...]

Operation Microwave FAIL

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Hello!! How’s it going? Over here it’s going good! I’m very busy eating all the watermelon in America and trying to get my life together. The usual. But before we get into another love letter to watermelon I have a BIG CONFESSION… Remember last week I was painting my kitchen and said I would be living without a microwave for 10 Days? I called it Operation: Live without a Microwave because I am extremely lazy both with naming things and obviously … [Read more...]

Mid-Year Goals and Best of June

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Hello! Can you believe it’s July? I can, but just because the calendar says so. I love a good new year’s resolution. And I like to check-in half way through the year to see my progress. Holy crap. I just spent 28 minutes trying to find my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions post and I can’t find it. So I’m not sure if I am straight up on drugs right now (that Vegas slipped in my drink because I don’t know how else that’d happen) OR I didn’t post one. … [Read more...]

7 Facts Friday About Running and Eating Mexican Food with One of My Favorite Mexicans

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1. It’s Cindy’s Birthday!! She’s my best friend on Earth (I have another best friend on Mars). I made her a cake and we celebrated last night and today. 2. I used Uber Eats for the first time last night! We ordered Mexican food – nachos and fish tacos. Both were just okay compared to our usual spots but it worked. 3. There is a book about my life! Too Many Tamales. Okay, it’s not about my life – but I thought it was super funny. I spotted … [Read more...]

Do you have any “H” Name Suggestions?

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Hello! How’s it going? Thanks so much for all the love and comments on my Boston Marathon video! It’s kinda long but so is running 26.2 miles. I’m completely falling apart in life. Yeah. Just gonna put that out there. It kind of feels like a weight off to just lead with that. That’s why I’m a fan of therapy and over-sharing. If I just say, “Hey! Look at all this stuff that’s wrong with me…“ then I’m not worried about other people pointing it … [Read more...]

Popcorn with the Boston Documentary and Eating Sriracha Made of Squirrels

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Hello! How are you? I’m finally back home and catching up on everything  – blogging, race recovery, sleep, text messages from my mom who thinks I moved to Mexico to start a new life, grocery shopping… Here is all the random goings on in Run Eat Repeat land… I was sad to walk around Boston on my last day and see all the race stuff being torn down. I didn’t want it to be over (well, I wanted it to be over around mile 19 of the race but I … [Read more...]

My Favorite Running Souvenir of All Time

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As part of the Hyland’s Boston Marathon Team Challenge I’m sharing my favorite Running Memento. I’m not a fan of knick-knacks and don’t even keep my race bibs. But I have collected a lot of medals over the years! I figured my favorite running souvenir would be one of my medals. After looking at my collection of medals from half marathons, marathons and the random 5k or 10k from the past 7+ years I realized… 1. I have A LOT of medals. 2. I … [Read more...]

One Sentence Sunday

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Hi! How’s it going? Over here it’s going good! The weather is perfection. I made bacon roses. I’m watching Great Gatsby while blogging. I spent quality time with my family. But I’m busy so let’s stick to one sentence per picture to keep it short and sweet… (I’m just starting the movie.) Hot rollers and wine make for a great pre-game situation. I don’t even like bacon. But I do like holiday themed food! Bacon roses – I did … [Read more...]

RER Reader Questions from this weekend…

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Hi! Here’s a quick round-up of Run Eat Repeat reader questions from email, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, sky writing, Craigslist encounters, engraved plaques, graffiti and other random places you reach out to me… from this weekend. First… I ran the Surf City Marathon this weekend. Check out my recap here: Surf City Marathon Results / Recap / Recycle / Rihanna / Reuse After the race I went to my parents’ house to eat nachos and watch the Super … [Read more...]

That Time I Went To Therapy 3 Times in 1 Week

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Hi there… This has been a challenging week so far. Yes, I went to therapy 3 times this week. (Note that was by Wednesday!) What is the deal?? I don’t even know how to explain it… or maybe I don’t know if I should? I don’t have time to write a novel explaining the whole story so let me just say a few things because it feels better to get it off my chest. I feel lost.  And that’s scary and sad, ya know? I’ve been doing the back and forth thing with … [Read more...]

Five Guys Burgers and Fries Debate and February Goals

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Hi! How are you? I am good – better than earlier this week. I’ve been super stressed with all the internet problems over here at RER Headquarters. That made my email pile up and I was late on a few deadlines. At one point- after it had been down for a few days –  a customer service person walked me through some troubleshooting over the phone and it was working! So, I emailed one of my contacts and said, “My internet is fixed! I’ll have the … [Read more...]

The BEST and WORST Things About Not Having a Phone

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It is with great sadness that I am sharing this unfortunate news. Yesterday at 6pm my Samsung Galaxy 6 died peacefully at home in her sleep. She is survived by your Monican, Vegas and RER. In lieu of flowers please send comments and likes to my Instagram. It’s what she would have wanted. Rest in Peace Sam. You’ll be missed. The while no phone debacle taught me a few things. I am so much wiser now for having loved and lost (my phone) than … [Read more...]

Do you want a Hairy Chair or Beachy Waves?

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Hi! How are you doing? I good, just sitting here blogging from this hairy chair I just bought… It’s so nice! It feels like I’m cuddled up in a giant’s armpit. Warm and cozy. Not really. What is up with that chair?! Ha! It made me happy so I had to take a picture of it. I wanted to sit in it too, but I figured it would leave grey fuzz all over me and then everyone would know I sat in the hair chair. Maybe next time. Speaking of hair… I went out … [Read more...]

Runner Nuts? Is this a food or what?

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Hi! How are you? Ready to ring in the New Year? Ready to sleep in the new year?? Other??? I had some MAJOR fails this year. Actually, I had some major fails within the last 24 hours! Let’s just get all the fails out of the way so we can talk about wins. First. Last night I was watching TV at my parents’ while working on my laptop. I got up to get a snack (obviously) and set my lapper down on the remote. Then, I came back to this: Hmmm… What is… … [Read more...]