2018 Resolutions

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I have always been a person who loves making New Year’s resolutions. During that odd week between Christmas and the ... (c) Andie Mitchell - Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Our Wedding

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all photos by Christina Ward Photography The only way I can describe our wedding day is to say, it was ... (c) Andie Mitchell - Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

This Christmas Indulge Yourself In These 5 Activities

It is the most wonderful time of the year once again. Christmas, indeed, is the most festive season, not to mention, also the best season for indulgence. Of course, that includes all things but, most especially food — the fattiest, most sinful kinds. Unfortunately, it could also be the most stressful season that some people, perhaps including yourself, have stopped looking forward to the Holidays. Where Did All The Extra Pounds Come From? It’s … [Read more...]

Give Up on Diet and Follow these Tips to Shred Fats Faster 

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Whenever we gain weight, we always blame it on the food. We blame it to the habit of eating. And because of this, most people would turn to starving themselves to lose weight. A lot of people are not doing it right. If you are starving yourself thinking that it can help you achieve that perfect body that you always wanted, that is a wrong practice. It can even result to other more serious conditions such as ulcers. If you want to shred fat … [Read more...]

6 Dietary and Lifestyle Factors that Can Lower Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

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Type 2 diabetes is a growing epidemic and one strongly associated with obesity, so much so that scientists have now coined a new term “diabesity” for the growing number of Americans who are overweight or obese and have this common condition. Why should we be concerned about diabetes? The incidence of this chronic disease has risen 35% over the last 25 years. Here are a few frightening facts about type 2 diabetes: ·       It’s a silent disease. … [Read more...]

Six Steps to a more HEALTHY life!

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6 ways to step toward a more healthy LIFE!Taking steps toward a healthy life doesn't have to be hard! As a matter of fact, it can be easy. Step by step, making one SIMPLE change per month can create a NEW lifestyle of healthy habits in no time at all! Create the NEW habits and you will replace the OLD! Here are a few tips to get started! 1) Identify your goal- always start with a specific goal. Weight Watchers made me pick a goal weight. You … [Read more...]

How Yoga Can Help You to Improve Your Score If You’re the College Student

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You wouldn’t think to connect the two. After all, one is more about physical movement while the other is largely about what goes on in the mind. If you did that, however, you’d be wrong. You see, the human body and mind are interlinked and therefore what is good for one is good for the other. What’s more, there is nothing mental that is not also physical and vice versa. What’s more, yoga is a physical activity that has huge mental benefits and … [Read more...]

How to avoid losing and gaining the same weight

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As a trainer and healthy lifestyle writer and advocate I really, REALLY dislike yo-yo dieting, inconsistent lifestyles etc... I don't believe anyone can keep up with a "Perfectly" balanced life for very long and we don't need to. Restriction leads to feelings of deprivation and ultimately excessive reactions--binging, overeating, a 180 back to old habits. A healthy life has an ebb and flow, it has a rhythm, that creates a melody flowing through … [Read more...]

7 Simple and Effective Techniques to Make Your Morning Enjoyable

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How did you spend your morning? Did you wake up feeling like the walking dead? Or did you rush through your morning so you could get to work on time? For most of us, morning is probably the least favorite part of the day. However, we all have about 30,000 mornings in our lifetime so we should try to make our morning as enjoyable as possible. Here are 7 simple and effective techniques to make your morning enjoyable. Shall we begin? Technique #1: … [Read more...]

Cut the Museum & Beach Visits! These Three Weird Activities Will Make Your Friends Come Visiting Regularly

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You don’t need to spend even a cent to keep your friends engaged when they come visiting. In fact, without emptying your wallet, you can greatly invest in their future while catching lots of fun. Sounds strange, right? Museums, beaches, and amusement parks are great places to visit with friends. But, the bitter truth? The more you visit these places, the less fun they become. In other words, going to any of these “fun” places one more … [Read more...]

3 Simple Ways to Declutter Your Life

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I’ve always been a neat freak. My brother and I shared a room growing up, and it was exactly like The Odd Couple – he was a total slob and I had everything in its place. He would even make fun of me because I had to have all of my toy soldiers at perfect right angles! Today, my brother works part-time at a warehouse… and I’ve build a multi-million dollar coaching company. I’m not saying this to be mean. Rather to point out that sometimes what … [Read more...]

8 Things to Do on a Sunday by Yourself

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Sunday has historically and presently managed to be the day of rest for pretty much everyone in the world. How did we all come to agree on this? It’s a bit peculiar and a bit humorous that we’ve all decided together that Sunday would be a great day for everyone to be really lazy; and why not? Even if we get 1 day off a week or 3 days off per week, it’s a nice thing to have in our routine to be able to just unwind and not worry about … [Read more...]

8 Ways To Interrupt Your Impulse Shopping Habits

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We’ve gotten to November and Christmas is just a month or so away. Sales are coming out and cars are starting to fill up parking lots in anticipation for fourth quarter sales, deals, and powerful marketing displays. Impulse shopping is at an all time high! If you’ve been historically bad for the last few seasons, this season could bring out the worst in you. Yes, you could buy all these gifts and more for your friends and family, and oh, maybe … [Read more...]

4 Habits That Are Blocking Your Personal Growth – And How to Fix Them

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Habits shape our lives in profound ways. They’re the things that take over when we get up in the morning, groggy-eyed and brain dead, and send us through our rote morning routine. They allow us to complete our everyday tasks at work, things we do over and over, without too much mental effort, so we can devote our precious mental bandwidth to more important tasks. Good habits are wonderful things to cultivate. Some people are naturally in the … [Read more...]

Which Beatles Song Best Describes Your Life?

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Music is all around us! And Beatles have contributed to the history of music probably more than any other band. I don’t think there are many people to whom this name doesn’t ring a bell. Do you have a favourite Beatles song? Can you use it to describe your life? Since it’s Friday, what better way to prepare for the weekend than a little song! And maybe you’ll find something about you in the process. Take this quick and fun … [Read more...]

10 Crucial Health Reasons Why You Should Chill Out

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We live in a go go go society. Don’t stop. Go to work, go shop, go home, get dinner, back out, go to extracurricular events for kids and family, go home, go to bed, rinse and repeat tomorrow. I’m exhausted just typing that out. When do we stop? When we’re sleeping? By the time we actually get to fall into bed we’re too tired and can’t sleep. It’s time to chill out. In fact, it’s necessary for your health. We want to accomplish everything in such … [Read more...]