so very merry

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Hi friends! Happy Monday! How are you doing this morning? We’ve been hit with a little bit of a wintery spell. It’s not cold (yet), but it’s been cloudy and lovely. It almost feels like winter even though we’re still in short sleeves and dresses. I’m enjoying it while we can! (confession: I’ve been using my favorite snowman mug since April) It was quite the festive weekend over here. The fun kicked off Friday night with the Pilot’s work … [Read more...]

the birthday fiesta

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Hi friends! How are you? Hope you’re enjoying the week so far. We are back in the swing of things after the weekend, and enjoying this bit of fall in the air. V-town finally got the memo, so it’s been fun to break out the sweaters and booties. We’re also recovering from this weekend’s fiesta to celebrate the Pilot and Penelope’s birthdays! I wanted to start this off by saying that in preparation for the party, one thing saved the day: jumping … [Read more...]

a perfect fall-ish weekend

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Hi friends! How are you? Thank you so much for your amazing comments on my last post. How was the weekend? Ours was a great one. We’ve been traveling quite a bit lately, so it felt so good just to spend a low-key weekend at home and get caught up around the house. I’d love to hear what you had going on! Of course, we had to partake in some fall adventures. Friday afternoon, the girls and I hit up a pumpkin patch at a local church. We had so … [Read more...]

hittin’ the road

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Hi friends! How are you? I hope that you’re having a wonderful week, and I hope all of my friends in all of the affected Hurricane Irma areas are staying safe. Last week, I booked a hotel *just in case* we would need to evacuate, and we ended up making the call on Friday night. When the projections showed the eye of the storm going through Valdosta, that was our sign to leave. Our house has a ton of glass, and is surrounded by enormous trees. … [Read more...]

Fourth, fireworks and festivities

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Hi friends! How are ya? Hope you’re enjoying the day! Sorry I’m a little later blogging today than usual. Livi had a weird bite on her leg -swollen and a ring around it- so we headed to the ped’s to make sure it wasn’t a tick bite or infected or anything like that. The good news is they think it’s just an angry mosquito bite. I don’t even know what to do about all of the Georgia insects. They’re from a different planet. It’s been a pretty great … [Read more...]

Cash me in a pop-up tent

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Hiii friends! Happy Monday! Thanks for stoppin’ by the blog today. How was your weekend? Ours ended up being productive and relaxing, with some pool time mixed in there. It was perfect. The weekend fun started off Friday morning when I met up with Lindsay to shoot some workout photos. We’ve been taking lots of pics for upcoming blog posts (like tomorrow’s workout and giveaway!) and I’ve had a blast shooting with her. Not only are her photos … [Read more...]

Week of workouts

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Hi friends! Happy Sunday!! Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. I’m back again today to share a week of workouts since I’ve received some great feedback on it, and because I actually kept track of everything last week. It was a great mix of teaching, barre, and my own workouts. Here’s what it looked like: Monday: Intervals and legs + teach barre Interval workout (from the day’s Orangetheory workout) Warm up 1 minute push 1 minute base pace 1 … [Read more...]

Friday Faves

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Hi friends! Happy Friday! Yay for the weekend. What are you up to? Anything fun on the menu? I’m mourning the end of basketball season, but we have a lot of fun things going on this weekend: today, I’m headed up to Phoenix to see some of my best friends, tomorrow my MIL gets into town, and Sunday, we’re filming the final two barre bootcamp videos. (Barre cardio and lower body barre.) I’m so excited to see MIL and take her to some of our … [Read more...]

barre, bar, bye car

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Hi friends! How are you?? Hope you had an amazing weekend! We had a great Tucson weekend. It’s hard to believe that we have one weekend left and then we’re outta here. Did you do anything fun? Ours was a perfect mix; we accomplished a lot of the moving-related to-dos (still so much left…) and enjoyed time as a fam. The Pilot’s mom is in town visiting, too, so that’s always a fun treat. Friday morning, I hit the road to Phoenix. It was my last … [Read more...]

weekend-y things

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Hi friends! How are you? Happy Monday! How’s the morning going? We’re just hanging out here, and going to take a walk with the pups after breakfast. Nothing too crazy going on, and I have an ENT appointment later today to talk about sleep apnea and other fun things. Is it weird that I’m strangely excited about a possible sleep study? Like THEY’RE GOING TO MAKE ME SLEEP. Doctor: “Ma’am, you’ll just attach these here, and we’ll need to you to a nap … [Read more...]

brunch so hard

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Hi friends! How are you? Hope you enjoyed the weekend. Did you watch the Super Bowl? I did watch the Lady Gaga concert, and omg. She crushed it. So good. I missed the performance of America the Beautiful but thank goodness for YouTube. We’re just taking it easy around here today, but I thought I’d hop in to share a recap of the weekend. It was a perfect mix of relaxing, fun, and family time…. with some partying and shopping thrown in there, too. … [Read more...]

turkey day in Tucson

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Hi friends! Happy Black Friday. I hope that those who celebrated yesterday enjoyed an amazing Thanksgiving! Today is where I usually stop in to start the Friday Faves party, but my biggest fave of the week was traveling to Tucson. So instead, I’d love to share a little recap from our turkey day. Our drive to AZ was especially low-key, especially since we added in a Phoenix stop. (The Phoenix stop was CLUTCH. We may have to do that again when … [Read more...]

the beet, gratitude, and halloween house

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Hi friends! How are ya this morning? I hope that those of you who are enjoying a long weekend are enjoying the day off. I’m double dipping in the teaching pool (barre and Spin!) and also getting a much-needed haircut. I have officially reached what I call “witch hair” and even though it is Halloween time, it has to go haha. What did you do this weekend? Any fun fitness events or local adventures? I’d love to hear about them. I FINALLY got my … [Read more...]

random disney roadtrip

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Hi friends! How’s the morning going? Hope you’re having a great day so far. <3 The girls and I made a little roadtrip to Disneyland! The Pilot was traveling for work this week, and I figured it would be fun to head up to Disney before it gets too hot. Liv has been wanting to go for a while, and she’s been an extra amazing helper since it’s just been the girls over here for a few weeks now. I packed up the car, we made a stop at Starbucks for … [Read more...]

the mickeyron to my heart

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You know, just hanging out with her BFF. Hi friends! How’s your week going? I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a lovely Valentine’s Day! I’m so happy that you’re excited for the final week of WSU. Keep the check-ins coming. Our Valentine’s Day was a memorable one, indeed. The girls woke up to roses and cards, (we signed cards for the Pilot, too) Livi surprised us with this gorgeous heart garland she made at school, and we told Liv and P … [Read more...]

I dream of sashimi + Friday Faves

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Hi friends! Happy Friday! Latest post on the Family page is here. What’s going on this weekend? We don’t have many plans (Livi has more plans than we do between a party and ballet) and it will be nice to relax and get some things done around the house. I’ve already requested to be beach bums all day on Sunday, so that’s where we’ll be. I want to float in the water and feel buoyant for a second, especially since I’ve been shuffling around the … [Read more...]

Friday Faves + get your lotus tank!

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Hi friends! Happy Friy-YAY! What are you up to this weekend? We don’t have a ton going on. Wildcats play on Saturday, our doula is coming over for a prenatal visit, Livi has ballet and an event at her school, and we’re going to head to the bay and lounge. It should be relaxing and amazing. Any fun fitness plans coming up? (OB looking so nice) (Tender Greens date with friends) (Decaf PSL. Can’t stop, won’t stop.) (Livi, having a conversation … [Read more...]

“does this spark joy in you?”

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Hi friends! Hope you’ve been having an awesome day. Sorry about the blog downtime this morning! Apparently the blog couldn’t handle the excitement of banana flour, and she fainted. (<— the server crashed.) Thankfully all has been resolved (WP Site Care maintains my blog and always helps when things like this happen) and we’re back in action over here. ______________________________________________________ Hello from Purgeland… where … [Read more...]