Sharing my BROOKSIDE

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Hershey Company for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Did you know? I refuse to kill spiders but I love horror movies and slasher flicks I love the country but I’m a city girl at heart I’m a night-owl who also enjoys getting up early. I’m a 40 year old mom who blasts uncensored, inappropriate music when I clean the house with my kids. Rage anyone? Yes, all are true. … [Read more...]

Breakfast for Dinner vs. Fast Food

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Hey, guys! Yesterday I traveled up to good old Northeastern PA to visit Mom. Two weeks ago she took a spill, broke her wrist (and possibly a rib) and gave herself quite the goose egg! Here she is with Cowboy. He’s been keeping her company while my niece is at camp. We spent yesterday catching up and cleaning. Today we hit the farmers market and shopped. It was great to have some mother-daughter time to just hang out.  I’m going to go … [Read more...]

A Scale-less, Mirror-less, Computer-less Week at the Beach

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Hey guys! I’m back into the swing of things after our do-as-much-laundry-as-humanly-possible week, aka the annual family beach vacation. Every year we hit up Seaside Heights for a week. It truly feels like a second home there, so much so The Husband and I have discussed the possibility of buying a beach house one day. Not that we can afford a beach house but we dream about it every time we’re there as I Zillow my way around town. One … [Read more...]

Heavy Heart Writing

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Hey guys. I was all excited to post today since I finally finished the trip recap and posted a new food idea but today I just have such a heavy heart. The news of  Alton Sterling and then Philando Castile, the current political outlook of this year’s election and our candidates, mass shootings, gun control conversations, I just can’t deal at the moment. This is why I stopped watching the news years ago. Now, however, social media, my … [Read more...]

Want to Lose Weight? Consider Non-Scale Goals — Lessons Learned From My June #milestreak

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Tomorrow I wrap up my 30-day #milestreak and I’m stoked. For those who don’t know, a #milestreak is simply a commitment to run (or walk) at least a mile a day for a period of time. I started mine on June 2, which leads right to my first lesson learned… 1. There is no “Perfect” Day to Start Go on… admit it… you’ve uttered these phrases more than once…  “I’ll start Monday” or … [Read more...]

A Mother-Son Adventure Eve

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I haven’t had much time to blog about it but tomorrow the boys and I embark on our annual Mother-Sons trip. Last year we had an amazing week in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming — click here to see all the pics.  2015 was our coastal highway adventure. Well, just the older one and I, Little Bean was a little too little — click here for pics.  2014 we went rafting! Again just the older one and I, he was 7 at the time — click … [Read more...]

Cool Mom vs. Mean Mom

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Why, hello strangers! Life has been a whirlwind these days. We’re wrapping up the end of the school year, I’m working during the day for a client, still managing the gym and today The 10-Year-Old became The 11-Year-Old! That’s right, this toddler is now a middle schooler! That’s crazy talk! Watching him grow up is so very fun. Exhausting at times, but fun. So far, in my 11 short years of parenting I learned there is a … [Read more...]

I’m Wick-Wick’ing All Over the Place!

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For those who don’t know, wick-wick aka #wycwyc aka What You Can When You Can is a book I wrote and published with Carla Birnberg last year. The idea is simple: Stop waiting for perfect and start moving toward your goals any way you can. No more excuses! We wrote it with healthy living and weight loss in mind as that’s the niche we both feel the most comfortable in, but really it can be applied to any goal. For example, here are some … [Read more...]

Priority Shifts and Adjustment Periods

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Happy Memorial Day! I had the best low-key weekend. We took the boys up to see all the grandparents. It wasn’t the longest visit but it was nice to be home, spend some time with Mom and see my niece. The boys got some pool time and I had a long overdue “pajama day.” It was glorious! The last week has been quite an adjustment. I didn’t think I’d go back to more of a typical 9-5 job but I’m loving the structure … [Read more...]

Current Goal: Daily Activity Sandwiches

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Big news! I’m coding again for a small tech firm out of PA and I sort of feel like my career has gone full circle. I started out of college (graduating with a master’s in Instructional Technology) as a multimedia programmer. After a couple of years I left that position to teach web development and multimedia at a community college. Then I started blogging and within a few years, being a full-time assistant professor, a mom and blogger … [Read more...]

2 Sick Kids and a Metronome

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It’s never a good day when BOTH kids are home sick. The 10-Year-Old has some kind of virus and the 5-Year-Old is sporting the latest in pre-k style: pink eyes. I took both to the doctors first thing and then we camped out all morning. One kid in bed, one watching movies and me on my laptop getting some writing done for a client. We made it work. Speaking of work, I have some news on that front. I accepted a consulting position doing … [Read more...]

A 2 Soundtrack Sensational Sunday

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This morning I was able to sleep until 8:30 — EIGHT THIRTY! This is unheard of at my house. If it’s not the kids waking me up at the butt crack of dawn it’s my stupid body, which is now trained to get up at  5 a.m., thanks to hitting the gym super early for the past three years. Not this morning though. The kids slept in and I actually got more than 6 hours for a change. I think I’m on the eve of a new stage in parenting … [Read more...]

The Reminder I Needed

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There are some things I’m just a sucker for… My oldest when he puts my arm around me and asks for something in that smartass-I-know-you’re-going-to-say-no-glance-but-I’m-going-to-try-to-charm-you-anyway look. Little Bean when he tilts his head down and looks up with that grin only your 5-year-old can give you. And my damn husband when he asks me to go out to lunch! Ugh.. it’s like my kryptonite because I really DO … [Read more...]

No Trace! Well… Except When it Motivates Me

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Trying to keep the house clean with kids it’s a constant battle. Who am I kidding? It’s probably just as hard without kids – – I just don’t remember those days. Now I’m buried by Legos and Matchbox cars. There always seems to be something on the counters — mail, papers, bills, CRUMBS! And the Nerf bullets, oh my word, don’t even get me started. They are EVERYWHERE! Our house is proudly “lived … [Read more...]

A More Than Sensational Anniversary, Mother’s Day AND Sunday!

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I have so, so, SO much to share and only a few minutes before Game of Thrones, so I’m going to zip through the past few days. The past week has been an absolute blur! Last Monday I ended up driving 7 hours from Burlington, Vt., to Baltimore after my flight was canceled. It wasn’t a bad ride, just long, exhausting and unexpected. On the shuttle at the airport after driving straight through from Burlington to Baltimore. I had to pick up … [Read more...]

An Awesome Half Marathon Eve in Vermont

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Hello from Middlebury, Vermont! Can it be any more gorgeous here? I flew in yesterday, had lunch in Burlington and then checked in to my bed and breakfast. I’m here as part of Cabot Fit Team, and Cabot has been a fabulous host! This morning we took a trip to the Kayhart Brothers Dairy farm, one of the 1,200 Cabot Co-Op family farms. It was fascinating and Steve Kayhart is an amazing guy. He was so knowledgeable and passionate about … [Read more...]

Quick-ish Middlebury Maple Half Marathon Recap

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There are so many thoughts swimming in my head it’s hard for me to start this post.  My weekend in Vermont with Cabot and the amazing group of women they organized was exactly what my soul needed at this point in my life. I left on Friday a little down. I’ve been dealing with a lot of emotional baggage lately but after spending the weekend with seven amazing women I’m returning inspired, re-energized and more confident than ever. Cabot Fit Team … [Read more...]

Half Marathon Training Update with a Cheesy Giveaway

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In 10 days I’ll be in Vermont running the Middlebury Maple Half Marathon thanks to Cabot. This will be my sixth half but my first organized run in well over a year. My interest in the sport has kind of fizzled out. I thought signing up for an event would spark my running mojo again but I haven’t really enjoyed focusing on it as I once did. With the kids getting older, life seems busier now and more things have simply slipped into my … [Read more...]