7 reasons why every mom should practice martial arts

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I recently joined a boxing gym and can tell you that everything in this guest post is SPOT ON!!  mom and son fitness As a mom, having to take care of your kids on a 24/7-hour basis already requires a lot of energy and time. Getting your hair done or doing sports does not seem to be part of the picture. Well…not anymore! Mommies need some time for themselves, including workout time: yoga, fitness, running or whatever makes you feel happy. What … [Read more...]

Diabetes And The Risk Of Major Health Issues

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Diabetes is becoming more common. I’m pleased to present to you today’s guest article by blogger, Eric Johnson, to help inform us of the dangers of diabetes and how to prevent developing it. To some people, diabetes is a disease that affects blood sugar and requires one to alter their diet. However, there’s much more to it than that, and because it does affect the blood–which flows to all parts of the body–it can lead to … [Read more...]

How to Develop Organizational Skills & Become More Productive

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Who doesn’t want to do more in less time? We all have a ton of things to do and while we want them done, we also want to have our free time to play! Keep reading today’s article by blogger Kate Simpson for a tons of tips in how to be more organized and productive so we can lead more balanced lives.  Take a look online and you will see plenty of hokum about productivity and organization. You will see figures such as how 30% of your day … [Read more...]

Alternative, Natural Ways to Avoid Back Surgery

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If you or someone you know and love have back pain, you’ll love today’s article and infographic contributed by the folks over at PMIR Medical Center. Unfortunately for many people, back pain is something that may trouble them in their lifetimes: It’s estimated that about 26 million Americans age 20 to 64 suffer back pain that’s ongoing. In addition to dealing with the pain, Americans and the health care system are dealing … [Read more...]

5 Juicing Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Have you heard about all the health benefits to juicing? Are you already into or getting ready to juice? If so, you may really appreciate today’s guest article by Mauricio Prinzlau. Keep reading to avoid any potential juicing mistakes and reap the most benefits from juicing. Juicing seems like a convenient solution for people who are burdened with excessive work pressure and deadlines. A quick and scrumptious breakfast option, a glass of … [Read more...]

Dealing with Detox Headaches

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Are you planning a fall detox to help recoup from the summer partying? Then you’ll love today’s article by guest blogger, Henry Kingston, who shares with us the low-down on detox headaches and natural remedies for them! Going on a detox spree requires you to be both intrinsically and extrinsically motivated as it requires a lot of patience to resist your cravings and not give in to your rumbling tummy. You need to train your thoughts … [Read more...]

Ancient Grains: What Are They And What Are Their Health Benefits?

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I’ve been trying ancient grains over the past few years and have been pleasantly surprised time and again! I cannot wait to try some of them mentioned in today’s article by guest blogger, Jon Baner.  Whether you’re an old hand at choosing the most nutritious foods for yourself and your family, or whether you’ve just started looking into how to create a more health-conscious diet, you’ve probably come across the term “ancient grains.” … [Read more...]

How to Positively Affect Your Brain with Writing

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Did you know that writing with pen and paper has benefits? I didn’t either until I read today’s article by guest blogger, Rachel Bartee. Keep reading for why it’s a good idea to purchase a stack of pens and a notepad! Writing is not something you do just because you’re expected to submit a report, article, or anything else at school or work. It’s time to put this activity into new perspective: as an investment in your … [Read more...]

Natural Remedies For Anxiety

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Who doesn’t have stress and anxiety? Check out today’s article by guest blogger, Santanu Majumdar, for some info on anxiety and natural remedies to alleviate it.  The best way you can make your body healthy is being physical and eating right. But even then, there are several complexities that persist in life to which many do not pay much attention. One among them is chronic anxiety which is known to be in every person. But, … [Read more...]

Yes, There is a Need to Take Care of Our Veins

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As a server in a restaurant for many years now, I’m well-aware of the changes in the veins in my legs. But, honestly, I haven’t really paid much attention to them because they don’t cause me pain. I’m happy to present today’s article by guest blogger, Mason Brown, who shares with us some information about our veins and their care. Veins play a crucial part of our body as they are blood vessels that carry our blood … [Read more...]

Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Eye Sight Naturally

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One of the most over-looked aspects of our health are our eye care. Keep reading today’s article by guest blogger, Tara Heath, to find out what we can be doing to take better care of our eyes. Your sight is one of your most valuable senses. From reading to driving, and everything in between, you use your vision on a constant basis, which is why it is so important to maintain healthy eyes. However, with excessive use of electronics, eye … [Read more...]

How to Navigate Race Expos at Large or Small Races

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What the heck are race expos? Here today to tell us, along with suggestions in how get the most out of them if you do venture to one, is guest blogger, Dan Chabert. Keep reading to see if a race expo is for you! Races have become no longer exclusively about the actual footrace that runners will cover; instead, many races have morphed into a weekend-long party, replete with the pre-race expo that pumps up runners and gets them ready for their race … [Read more...]

10 Ways To Cut Back On Sugar

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We all know how dangerous sugar is to our health. It’s especially so for diabetics. Keep reading today’s article by Thomas Boston for a variety of ways to reduce your sugar intake – whether you’re a diabetic or not.  When you have diabetes, diet is a huge part of managing your blood glucose levels. Even if you take insulin or other medications, altering your diet can help to keep your blood sugar within a reasonable range. … [Read more...]

What You Can Do To Help Your Community Pursue a Healthy Lifestyle

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When you’re convinced that a healthy lifestyle is the only way to go to enjoy life now and later, you start to make more healthier choices. How do you share this knowledge and inspire those you care about to do the same so you all live happier, longer lives? Keep reading today’s article by Anita, to find out how!  Living a healthy life entails living in a healthy community. As an individual, you have much to offer to your community to … [Read more...]

For Busy Mums! Here’s How to Stay Healthy and Live a Balanced Lifestyle (guest post)

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***Today’s guest post is courtesy of Helen*** No matter how many little ones you have running around your feet, there is no denying that being a mom is a sometimes-stressful full time job. From running for the groceries and scheduling in play dates to making time for your friends and making sure that you’re looking after yourself, chances are that sometimes it all becomes a little overwhelming. In instances like these, it’s usually moms … [Read more...]

6 Healthy Foods to Have Flawless Skin

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If you’re interested in being beautiful starting from the inside-out, then it’s good to know (and eat!) the healthiest foods. Keep reading today’s article by guest blogger, Joel Cordle, to find out the 10 most beneficial foods to help create healthy skin! If you say that beauty is only skin-deep and physical appearance does not matter, then you must have spent your entire life in the four corners of your room with no access to … [Read more...]

9 Healing Benefits of Volunteering!

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Why might you want to volunteer? Today’s guest blogger, Jessica Barden, is here to share with us the many benefits of volunteering your time to a worthy cause.  You might not get any monetary compensation for your voluntary acts, but there is more meaning to work voluntarily for others than a paid job. As a volunteer, you will find a purpose in your life that is worth more than any monetary benefits. Apart from giving you a purpose in life, … [Read more...]

3 Health Areas We Tend to Ignore – How to Fix Bad Habits

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Healthy living is all about habits – healthy ones, of course. That’s why I’m pleased to present today’s article by Ethel Huizar who helps draw our attention to three often overlooked habits we need to incorporate into our lives to live healthier. While we all know we should follow a balanced diet, introduce some workout sessions in our weekly routine, sleep well and see a doctor regularly, we tend to ignore many of our … [Read more...]