Mid-Year Goals and Best of June

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Hello! Can you believe it’s July? I can, but just because the calendar says so. I love a good new year’s resolution. And I like to check-in half way through the year to see my progress. Holy crap. I just spent 28 minutes trying to find my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions post and I can’t find it. So I’m not sure if I am straight up on drugs right now (that Vegas slipped in my drink because I don’t know how else that’d happen) OR I didn’t post one. … [Read more...]

How to Make Chickpeas in the CrockPot and 10 Random Things

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1. My hair got crazy tangled on Catalina and probably on the boat ride back yesterday. This morning my usual runner braids were crazy ratty. 2. I’m excited about eating everything in the form of Red, White and Blue foods for the next week. I’m a situational dresser and apparently I’m a situational eater too! 3. I made trail mix for Catalina, or as my lil brother calls it – M&Ms with obstacles. 4. I don’t know what kind of melon this is – … [Read more...]

Sports Bra Squad Countdown – Are you ready to run?

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Hello! How’s it going ? Are you planning on going for a run in your sports bra to celebrate the first National Sports Bra Day? Are you ready to chime in on all the hot sauces?? 1. Sports Bra Squad Have you heard about the #SportsBraSquad movement?! I’m excited about the concept and wanted to share. I spotted Kelly Roberts on the cover of Women’s Running this month with the Sports Bra Squad hashtag to help spread the word! The first National … [Read more...]

No Cats Were Harmed in the Making of This Blog Post

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Hi! I would like to preface this post by noting that no cats were harmed in the making of it… This morning I was getting ready to go run and Vegas was hanging out, talking to me. So, I picked him up to take a picture and say hello… And I caught him mid-Meow!! It looks like he’s screaming, but he doesn’t scream. He uses his ‘inside voice’ because I’ve raised him well. Then, I hit the road for a 6 mile run. Remember the Stonehenge situation … [Read more...]

7 Facts Friday About Running and Eating Mexican Food with One of My Favorite Mexicans

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1. It’s Cindy’s Birthday!! She’s my best friend on Earth (I have another best friend on Mars). I made her a cake and we celebrated last night and today. 2. I used Uber Eats for the first time last night! We ordered Mexican food – nachos and fish tacos. Both were just okay compared to our usual spots but it worked. 3. There is a book about my life! Too Many Tamales. Okay, it’s not about my life – but I thought it was super funny. I spotted … [Read more...]

National Running Day

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Hello! It’s Global Running Day!! Are you running today? Did you already run? Did you skip your run but now feel obligated to squeeze it in later?? Well, I am all about celebrating random holidays – especially holidays that celebrate my favorite things (running and eating)! So, I’m definitely going to celebrate #GlobalRunningDay by buying a globe, going for a run and crossing off the day in my calendar. The story of how Global Running Day got … [Read more...]

Never Have I Ever–Runner Edition

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Hello! How are ya? I’ve had a kinda crazy week. And I’m suddenly all into Girls – the TV show that I think came out forever-ago but I heard about it’s the last season and got curious and now am watching all of it. Anyway. It’s not like SATC or Friends or some other happy, fluff show. It’s kinda serious and sad sometimes. Do you agree? Kind of a downer? My point is – we need to play a game! And some of us (read: your Monican) need a drink. … [Read more...]

RER Reader Questions from this weekend…

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Hi! Here’s a quick round-up of Run Eat Repeat reader questions from email, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, sky writing, Craigslist encounters, engraved plaques, graffiti and other random places you reach out to me… from this weekend. First… I ran the Surf City Marathon this weekend. Check out my recap here: Surf City Marathon Results / Recap / Recycle / Rihanna / Reuse After the race I went to my parents’ house to eat nachos and watch the Super … [Read more...]

Funny Free Valentine’s for Runners

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Hi! How’s it going? Valentine’s Day is just a few days away! Let me give you a little life hack = save money and skip buying a card. Save one of the Valentine’s for Runners below. Post it to Instagram or Facebook and tag your special friend. Then, use the money you saved to buy candy or cookies or Spark or a manatee. You’re welcome. Here are some fun Feb 14th cards you can share with your favorite runner (or your least favorite, I don’t know … [Read more...]

Runner Nuts? Is this a food or what?

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Hi! How are you? Ready to ring in the New Year? Ready to sleep in the new year?? Other??? I had some MAJOR fails this year. Actually, I had some major fails within the last 24 hours! Let’s just get all the fails out of the way so we can talk about wins. First. Last night I was watching TV at my parents’ while working on my laptop. I got up to get a snack (obviously) and set my lapper down on the remote. Then, I came back to this: Hmmm… What is… … [Read more...]

Hungry Runner Girl Brings Rain to SoCal

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Hello! How’s it going? Are you ready for Dec 24th? I still need to wrap and have a few gifts to drop off around SoCal to my family. I started my day with a run. But not a usual run because this morning – it was RAINING. In Orange County. This has happened way too often for SoCal this month. What is up with that? Luckily, it’s not really cold so I had a pretty good lil 8 miler outside. I don’t mind the rain from the sky, but the puddles are … [Read more...]

Bathroom Decorations?

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Hi! How’s it going? Over here it’s going busy because I finally had to call a professional for the ant situation. It’s so weird because they don’t really get into the food in the kitchen. They just want to walk around EVERYWHERE. But when I was in Florida for Thanksgiving the ants moved in and kicked me out. I don’t even want to get into it. Long story short, I had a pro come in and Vegas and I had to get out for the day while they took care of … [Read more...]

10 Things Runners Have a LOVE / HATE Relationship With

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Hello! How are you doing? Do you have a race this weekend? Is there a long run on the schedule? What are you doing to Pile on the Miles?? Keep it up – even on the weekend! Good habits stick just as hard and bad ones! Running is addictive. And fun. And I love it. But there are some parts of running that I don’t love all that much. Today during my run my right quad felt tight and I told myself I should do some foam rolling when I got back … [Read more...]

Your Race Recaps and the DCC Girl That Got Cut After 5 Years of Trying

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Hello! How’s it going? How was your week? I am super busy today so I this is going to be quick. I’m getting things ready for the annual Pile on the Miles Challenge!! Are you going to pile on more miles than every this year?! Before my run this morning I asked Ben to take a picture of me and he insisted on this – he thought it was hilarious for some random reason. Why can’t I just have fun, normal blog pictures?! And to think I made a fancy … [Read more...]

The Wall Squat Diet

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Hello! How’s it going? Over here it’s going good, except my part-time photographer is being a pain to work with. He thinks he’s helping with artistic direction, but I don’t think we have the same eye for blogging. For example – this morning after my run I asked him, “Can you take a pic of me with my smoothie?” He started by standing on the couch to hide my double chin, which is very considerate. I appreciate that tip he got from the Instagram … [Read more...]

Sugar Crunch Grapes and Waiting Until July for a Calendar

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Hello! Happy Friday! How was your week? I’m getting ready to head to visit my one friend SkinnyRunner so today has been all about working on a few writing projects and packing. But before all that I hit the sidewalk for a 4 mile run and 21 day fix dirty 30 workout. Then, I made those super protein waffles I keep seeing all over Instagram. (I have a George Foreman Grill that has removable plates and use the waffle attachment for these. It works … [Read more...]

US Open of Surfing with Frontier

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Hello! I just went to the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach! The weather is perfection at the beach right now – the ocean breeze felt amazing. It’s always something like 10 to 20 degrees cooler here than inland. But before I headed out there I ran 10 miles this morning. My schedule called for 10 miles with 5 at half marathon pace – but, I am no where near my half marathon PR pace right now so I settled for a good tempo pace. It is so hot … [Read more...]

How to Make a Winnie the Pooh or Tigger Running Costume

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Hello! I ran the Tinkerbell 10K with my mom a few weeks ago and made our costumes – Pooh and Tigger. They were pretty easy to put together and held up throughout the race. Plus everyone instantly knew who we were dressed as so that’s all I was really going for! So, here’s a quick tutorial on how I made them… How to Make a Winnie the Pooh or Tigger Running Costume: Let’s break this down for Pooh and Tigger separately… Pooh Running Costume … [Read more...]