What you can Learn from Fitness Tracker Reviews

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When buying a fitness tracker, you need to find out a lot of information about the available options. This helps you to know the products that are best for you, and those that should be avoided. Looking at the various trackers in both local and online stores, one can easily see that there is a difference in what they offer. For instance, some of them come with lots of features, but others only have a few. Therefore, you will be seeking to know … [Read more...]

Natural Cures For Insomnia Part 2

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This is a Part 2 of my Natural Cures for Insomnia. As I mentioned in the first article, I’ve struggled with sleep problems for many years since childhood and It took me a long time to learn how to get a good night sleep using the natural approach. All of these methods I mentioned work wonders when combined together. My favorite drinks and teas which promote sleep: Unsweetened Almond milk with calcium Valerian tea Chamomile tea Passion fruit … [Read more...]

Effective ways to deal with pain

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As long as we exist in the physical, we are vulnerable to all kinds of pain. It could be the mental, physical and, of course, the emotional kind of pain. We just can’t escape it as it’s one of the harsh realities of life. Pain happens either as a result of our actions or the actions of those around us. Whichever the case, we have to find a treatment of some sort in the long run. We just have to be careful where we get it from. Also, … [Read more...]

This is me, existing

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I have things to say. I've had things to say for a long time, but haven't had the emotional fortitude or energy to say them. Saying these things means I'm opening up the potential for criticism and internet trolls, and trying to resist letting them affect me is much harder than Wonder Woman deflecting bullets. They may not pierce the skin, but they leave a lot of bruises. But I can't stay quiet. Story Time! A few weeks ago, I was at a stop … [Read more...]

8 Fitness Hacks That Will Make Your Life Better

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When it comes to fitness, many of us find it hard to stay on track. Worry no more as the following fitness hacks are sure to help. Get Out Of The Gym Ever heard the saying ‘change is essential for growth’? Workout at the gym is very useful. But, if you are limiting yourself to health clubs and gyms, it can negatively impact your motivation. So, whenever you get the opportunity, ensure that you get fresh air. Even though you will not get the … [Read more...]

Forward motion: a body in motion, stays in motion

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How hard is it to GET MOVING once you have stopped? I used to skate roller derby and the HARDEST thing about the bouts, was not the HITS, checks, sprinting or all the bad calls from the refs... it wasn't even the falls. It was getting back UP, creating momentum again, to get moving once you have stopped. The key then is not to STOP. Derby is different, getting knocked off your block and your momentum stolen is out of your hands, but things in … [Read more...]

Chicago AMTC photo shoot and goal MEETING

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Here's a little update on my journey with Actors, Models and Talent for Christ! I will be showcasing my fitness model and acting skills for 50+ agencies in December... It's been 2 weeks since I shot at Open Secret Studios in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago. What an amazing experience. The AMTC styling team made me look my best and photographers from Atlanta Leo Marshall and Fernando Decillis were amazing and taught me so much! Open … [Read more...]

Rest–RE-Creating your health and wellness with REST!

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My pastor said something about recreation last week... and it DAWNED on me that the word itself was RE-Creation... recreating something that was already there. Taking something old and making it NEW. Can REST and Recreation recreate a part of our body, our health and fitness as much as WORK can create?? YES. I enjoy sports, fun, down time and vacation, but what REALLY does rest and leisure time do for us? What does it help RE-create?? REbuild-- … [Read more...]

7 reasons why every mom should practice martial arts

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I recently joined a boxing gym and can tell you that everything in this guest post is SPOT ON!!  mom and son fitness As a mom, having to take care of your kids on a 24/7-hour basis already requires a lot of energy and time. Getting your hair done or doing sports does not seem to be part of the picture. Well…not anymore! Mommies need some time for themselves, including workout time: yoga, fitness, running or whatever makes you feel happy. What … [Read more...]

The Ways of Getting Additional Motivation for Workouts

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Whether you come to a gym to build muscles, lose weight or just support your health, you know that the workout process isn’t very easy and one needs much enthusiasm to do that. If you feel the lack of motivation during trainings and you still force yourself to go to gym, you need some extra motivation to turn the chores into the enjoyable process. There are many methods, which can push one forward to train harder and reach great results. The most … [Read more...]

Fitness on a Budget in 2016

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Organic meals, personal training, and memberships of fitness clubs all require money. A major portion of the global population can’t afford these luxuries. That said, having a monthly budget is no excuse to give up fitness goals altogether. The thing is, a sedentary lifestyle and crappy meals can empty your bank account further down the line. Also, it’s not true that you have to spend tons of money to achieve your dream physique. While fitness … [Read more...]

For Busy Mums! Here’s How to Stay Healthy and Live a Balanced Lifestyle (guest post)

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***Today’s guest post is courtesy of Helen*** No matter how many little ones you have running around your feet, there is no denying that being a mom is a sometimes-stressful full time job. From running for the groceries and scheduling in play dates to making time for your friends and making sure that you’re looking after yourself, chances are that sometimes it all becomes a little overwhelming. In instances like these, it’s usually moms … [Read more...]

Follow My Diet–Or Don’t. A Cautionary Tale

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Reader/Eater So, I’ve been struggling. I made a commitment to get healthier, and fell off the rails when my Grandmother got ill and went into a nursing home. After that, I traveled, and I had to dig right back into an intense level of scholarship. Not to mention that we have had the hottest July and August on record. When it’s 100F, I can’t find the motivation to workout. Thankfully, it looks like there’s going to be a … [Read more...]

Reducing the barriers to fitness with lucy Activewear

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Disclosure: This blog post is part of a paid Megan Media and lucy blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. I’ve been blogging for a long time (7+ years) and it’s rare that I’m able to meld my blog topics of fashion, fitness, and body positivity into a single post. So this #lucyForEveryBody post is something I’m really excited to be able to share with you. As someone who started exercising as a size 32/34 and unable to … [Read more...]

Am I Grace or Am I Frankie?

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Reader Eater I feel the need for renewal. I know that’s weird, as I just posted about depression a few weeks ago, but I need to lay out a plan. I feel like complete dreck. I’m having too much beer, not blogging enough, not running enough, not lifting enough weights. It makes me feel like crap. I’m in a transition point in my life, and I feel the need to knuckle-down and let go of shit. Ok, I should let go of *most* shit. … [Read more...]

Lazy and No Willpower

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Many times, I feel like my body is a walking billboard: “Hi, I’m lazy and have no willpower!” Over the years, this has mattered to me to varying degrees. I’ve had my share of 2-a-day workouts while on a 1000 calorie diet. At the height of my concern for how strangers perceived me, it resulted in never eating in public, and learning how to wait until the end of the day to binge and hide the evidence. I’ve gained and … [Read more...]