Simple Ways To Help The People Next Door…And Around The World

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The Self Improvement Blog | Self Esteem | Self Confidence Trying to be a better citizen can be an intimidating and overwhelming idea. Here are some simple, yet effective ways to help people next door and around the world. In recent decades, major advancements in technology have enabled people to be in constant contact with one another, communicating across the globe in seconds. We can watch world news happening in real-time, answer a question … [Read more...]

How to Handle Negative Thoughts and Emotions at Work

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The Self Improvement Blog | Self Esteem | Self Confidence No matter how much you love what you do, you’re bound to experience work-related negativity at some point in your career. Whether it’s a particularly difficult project or a coworker that knows just how to push your buttons, negative feelings can result in stress, which is detrimental to work productivity and personal well being. So just how do you handle negative thoughts and emotions at … [Read more...]

Making tough decisions

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The Self Improvement Blog | Self Esteem | Self Confidence I originally wrote this article about making tough decisions several years ago. It seems appropriate to post it again as decisions seem even bigger and the ramifications even greater. Irene We are all now and then faced with making tough decisions. Recently I was challenged to make a  decision that seriously affected not only myself but someone else.  Deciding to say “no” would … [Read more...]

How Self-Improvers Can Work From Home & Stay Zen

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The Self Improvement Blog | Self Esteem | Self Confidence Working from home may seem like the ideal way to combine family life with work life. But is it really so easy to keep your cool in between the four walls of your home?  Whether you are running your own business and saving on bills, or embracing flexi-time, working from home is becoming a reality for more and more people across the globe.   Here is how to make the most of working from home … [Read more...]

The Self-Improvement Blog—Moving Forward in 2018

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The Self Improvement Blog | Self Esteem | Self Confidence HAPPY NEW YEAR!  2018 is here! 2017 was a great year and we are anticipate moving forward in 2018. Let me tell you what I’m talking about. In 2017 the Self-Improvement Blog had a total makeover—a new theme, an increased presence in Social Media and a significant increase in guest contributors and a surge in the number and diversity of visitors. (Welcome to each of you.) So what are … [Read more...]

Financial New Year Resolutions to Reduce Stress and Increase Happiness

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The Self Improvement Blog | Self Esteem | Self Confidence Finances can be a huge source of stress for many people. Managing life within financial means can be tricky and detrimental to happiness if those things aren’t balanced. Not only that, but the holiday season tends to exacerbate the problem. Holiday parties and gift giving can cause even more stress to an already stretched budget. For this reason, it might be time to think about your … [Read more...]

What you should, and shouldn’t do about your self-esteem issues

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The Self Improvement Blog | Self Esteem | Self Confidence Having an unhealthy level of self-esteem is like being caught in a vicious wave in the ocean where you’re struggling against the strong tides, and yet still sinking. Having a low self-esteem makes you feel bad about who you are right now and could demotivate you from doing anything to improve yourself or situation. Typically, after this comes the onslaught of negative thinking and … [Read more...]

Is The Sexual Harassment Debacle A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing?

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The Self Improvement Blog | Self Esteem | Self Confidence Is The Sexual Harassment Debacle A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing? At first glance, the answer might seem simple. But as we look deeper into the issue, we can see that it is both: good and bad…and neither. One problem that becomes apparent as issues such as these arise is that most people jump on the bandwagon of one opinion or the other. Most people just want it to go away. Most people, … [Read more...]

Signs Your Leadership Culture Needs Revamping

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The Self Improvement Blog | Self Esteem | Self Confidence “If the townspeople are happy, look to the chief.” This old Liberian adage nonetheless implies one thing: the chief’s leadership culture is the reason behind their smiles. Although we can learn a lot from the past, leaders of today still have a hard time dealing with and managing their people. An ideal culture isn’t made overnight and it’s even harder to forge. This is more of a … [Read more...]

The Power of Forgiveness

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The Self Improvement Blog | Self Esteem | Self Confidence An effective way to get yourself into a forgiving and giving consciousness is to release yourself from the bondage of unforgiving and selfishness. The power of forgiveness and giving are God’s greatest traits and is the key to unlocking God’s miracle powers. People must forgive all who need forgiveness especially themselves. Sometimes we might not grasp the necessity and power of … [Read more...]

Some Self Improvement Thoughts Now That the Holidays Go Into Full Gear

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The Self Improvement Blog | Self Esteem | Self Confidence The holidays are now in high gear. Every TV commercial says “Buy, Buy, Buy.” Some even suggest that you get a loan so you can buy those expensive gifts you think each member of your family wants (and needs?) After all, will 5-year-old Tommy ever respect you again if you don’t give him his own cell phone with music, video, and text messaging? (of course, he can’t … [Read more...]

5 Wisest Ways in Dealing with Life Changes

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The Self Improvement Blog | Self Esteem | Self Confidence Change is permanent. Whether you’re relocating to a new place, getting married, breaking up with a girl, or working for a new job, change is always present at your doorstep. Some changes in life may bring a little joy, but some can be completely stressful. However good or bad these changes are, always choose to carry on, move forward, and face a new day with a fresh start. Sure, change can … [Read more...]

These 3 Unique Vacations Can Improve Your Mental Health

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The Self Improvement Blog | Self Esteem | Self Confidence “Man, I need a vacation.” You’ve said those exact words to yourself hundreds of times. You have mumbled it under your breath after a work meeting that left you with an extra-long to-do list. Perhaps you’ve typed it in an email or sent it in a text to your best friend. You’ve screamed it at the top of your lungs at the height of your frustration. You’ve muttered it through tears at the end … [Read more...]

Disconnect to Reconnect: The Technology Contract Every Family Needs

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The Self Improvement Blog | Self Esteem | Self Confidence Smartphones, tablets, laptops, video games, television; technology surrounds us on a daily basis. From staying connected with friends and family to entertainment, technology has simplified our lives, and there’s no doubt that it’s useful. However, there is a downside: it can cause families to disconnect and expose children to real dangers, too. We need to disconnect to … [Read more...]

What I Learned by Deliberately Cycling Through the Storm

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The Self Improvement Blog | Self Esteem | Self Confidence I cycle three times a week without fail, it’s one of the cornerstones of my existence. Cycling nurtures me, calms me and centers me; it’s been one of my salvations. Now, you might be thinking that I’m some sort of super fit iron man but I am, in fact, bestowed with rather modest … [Read more...]

5 Foods to Defy the Post-Flight Dehydration Face

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The Self Improvement Blog | Self Esteem | Self Confidence Fourth of July weekend in front of us means it’s officially high summer and most people are gearing up for their vacations. For many, that will include air travel, and possibly a long haul flight.  You know the drill: they give you some peanuts, the drink cart makes a couple of rounds, they bring you … [Read more...]