Stretching… Why Should I?

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This short article looks at some of the tips, tricks and helpful hints you can use to help prevent sports injury. It’s been put together to answer some of the more common questions we get regarding stretching and sports injury, and details a number of useful sports injury prevention techniques. I hope it proves useful to you. Overcoming & Preventing Sports Injury If you’re involved in the health & fitness industry, whether it … [Read more...]

15 Minute AMRAP Jump Rope Workout

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Got 15 minutes? Try this quick AMRAP jump rope workout that will get your heart pumping while targeting your legs and core. No equipment needed (besides a jump rope), unless you want to make it bit more challenging and add weights.  “Never miss a Monday” is one of my favorite fitness quotes and it’s one that’s stuck with me since I started my healthy lifestyle back in college. What you do on Monday sets the tone for your whole week, just as … [Read more...]

When Life Gets Weird


via maxpixelBy Crabby McSlackerSo it looks like it's going to be another summer of Not Blogging Much, which I guess is better than Not Blogging at All. Because, yeah, life's getting awfully weird and distracting of late. But how about I at least make time for a quick update, an epiphany, and a question for y'all?Quick Update:Many thanks again for all the support, encouraging words, prayers and healing vibes sent in my Mom's direction. And you … [Read more...]

Time to HIIT it?

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photo: the Department of DefenseBy Crabby McSlackerIn the last few years, you've probably heard the same unwelcome advice quite a few times: for optimal health, you should be adding some High Intensity Interval Training to your weekly routine.But all too often, nutrition and exercise research gets overhyped and exaggerated. Just let enough time pass, and other studies can come along to soften or even reverse recommendations that all the excited … [Read more...]

Is Winter Actually the BEST Time to Train Outdoors?

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Guest Post by Lisa Green with Intro by Crabby McSlackerYou see the happy face of the winter exerciser pictured above? That's your first clue Crabby McSlacker didn't write this post. She is a cowardly snowbird who flees to warmer climates when it gets cold. And she figured a winter picture of her exercising while holding a pina colada on a beach lined with palm trees might not be all that motivating to people in more northerly climates. (Though … [Read more...]

Questioning my identity as a runner

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Lately, Michigan weather has been CRAZY. We had a couple of days last week that were up to 73 degrees and sunny! I was able to drive with my windows down and wear short sleeves... in February. And then it got down to 30 degrees, overcast, and windy. And yesterday, we had some freezing rain in the morning.A week of Michigan weather (not sure who to credit for this cartoon!If you know, please let me know so I can give credit)So, my last post was my … [Read more...]

Why You Shouldn’t Depend on Exercise, Alone, to Lose or Maintain Your Body Weight

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Exercise is a calorie burner and burning calories is the key to losing weight, right? So, you exercise long and hard, hoping the additional calorie burn will help you slim down. Unfortunately, the calorie in, calorie out model for weight loss has suffered some setbacks recently. When you hold it up to scrutiny, it’s not an ideal model. Many experts now believe that the composition of the calories you take in matters most. The calorie out end of … [Read more...]

Why 20 Minutes of Exercise is a Good Anti-Inflammatory

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You hear a lot these days about anti-inflammatory diets and about fighting inflammation by eating certain foods. Your body needs the capacity to mount an inflammatory response short-term. For example, when you cut your finger or are exposed to a virus, you count on your immune system to fight those harmful, foreign invaders. In response, your immune system launches an invasion and then retreats once the danger as passed. During the active phase … [Read more...]

A candid post about depression

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A couple of days ago, I started writing a post, and I got a lot of it done, but I saved it to finish it up yesterday. Then, I read it yesterday, and realized it sounded really depressing! I didn't mean for it to sound like that; I'd basically just written about the ups and downs of my depression last year.I still haven't been feeling back to normal, so I went to a new doctor yesterday to try and come up with a plan and possibly switch … [Read more...]

Intense Exercise and Gelatin: A Good Combo for Your Joints?

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Exercise helps build muscle strength and size and prevent loss of muscle tissue as you age. High-impact exercise also helps preserve bone mass. This lowers your risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures. That’s especially important for women with risk factors for osteoporosis. However, there’s another part of your anatomy to be mindful of – ligaments, tendons, and joint health. Yes! Tendons and ligaments age too and they can become injured when you … [Read more...]

7 good daily habits to help protect your back

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The Self Improvement Blog Back pain is one of the most common reasons why the over 50s seek medical advice. If you don’t want to be one of them, make some simple changes to your daily life to ensure you protect your back. Strengthen your core Your lower back supports your entire upper body. Core strength is all about keeping your abdominal muscles strong … [Read more...]

Exercise Can Keep You Sober

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The Self Improvement Blog Everyone knows that they are supposed to exercise to stay fit and healthy, but that’s easier said than done. Besides looking and feeling healthy, exercise comes with a range of benefits. The physical benefits of exercise are weight control, lower risk of cancers, increased life expectancy, reduced risk of stroke and heart … [Read more...]

Does Exercise Slow Cellular Aging?

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It happens at different rates based on lifestyle, yet no one escapes the aging process. Just as metal becomes old and rusty and food decays, our bodies gradually age. Unlike a piece of metal, the signature signs of aging in humans are achy joints, wrinkles, cataracts, loss of muscle and bone mass, and decreased cognitive function. Yet, aging actually happens first at the cellular level, long before it manifests on the surface. How Your Cells … [Read more...]

Branching out the exercise

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I could have sworn I wrote about Dog Day at the Pool, but I guess I didn't yet. It was so fun! As I said, the local wave pool closes for the season, and before they do, they have a "Dog Day". It's $5 to bring your dog to play in the pool for a few hours. We took Joey last year, and he loved it. I was excited to take him again.Once again, he had a blast! He was never sure what to do, but he was so excited to be there. He kept … [Read more...]

20 Minute StairMaster HIIT Workout

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Work up a sweat with this quick and effective 20 minute StairMaster HIIT workout! Your legs will be burning and your heart will be pumping. I have a love/hate relationship with the StairMaster. It’s HARD and takes a lot of energy, but it’s also one of my favorite machines at the gym because you can work your backside while getting your cardio in and you don’t have to stay on the machine forever in order to work up a good sweat. … [Read more...]

Resolution Realization: The Only Trick That Really Works. (For Me).

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via wikimedia By Crabby McSlackerSo I used to think the whole idea of New Year's resolutions was stupid and arbitrary. But now I'm more like: "hell, why not?"I'm always working on some sort of goal anyway. So why not take advantage of the timing? If I undertake a delusional quest for behavioral change at the same time everyone else is similarly psyched up, we can all pretend together that there is something magical about a date on a calendar!Will … [Read more...]

Double digit walk

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After reading the comments on my post yesterday, I'm feeling like I really should get the root canal soon. The thought of it makes me cringe so badly! But so many people said it was no big deal and painless, so I hope I can make it through. It's not so much the pain that I'm worried about (I've been through some very painful things), but the anticipation of pain that terrifies me. I'm going to be on edge the whole time, just waiting for the pain … [Read more...]

Baby Steps Back to Fitness

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Guest Post by DeeHey Cranketeers, Crabby here! I'm all excited to introduce Dee from Break out the Skinny Girl with an in-the-trenches perspective on getting back into fitness when it feels anything but "easy" and "fun."So why am I so excited to introduce Dee? Well, first off, she's very funny. And secondly, she blogs with an adorable British accent. And thirdly, she's just started a new blog which looks to be the sort Cranky Fitness readers … [Read more...]