What are Your 2018 Reading Goals?

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One major gift my mother gave me for which I am eternally grateful for is instilling in me the habit of reading as a young boy. I remember receiving and reading story books way back when I was five years old. I read more of story books and novels back then. Books like Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe, Things Fall Apart, etc. And as I grew older my taste and volume of books equally increased. I started from James Hadley Chase, and then to Mary … [Read more...]

Reader/Eater’s Best Books of 2017

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Reader/Eater Well, it seems as though another year has passed. 2017 was a real kick in the teeth if I do say so myself. It was hard. Nothing about it was ordinary or easy. We have an irresponsible toddler in the White House, the GOP passed a ridiculous tax bill overwhelmingly benefiting the rich, and they cancelled Good Girls Revolt. What the fuck. However, books were amazing in 2017, and I read PLENTY of them. Here are my picks for the best … [Read more...]

No More Water; The Fire Next Time

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Reader/Eater “God gave Noah the rainbow sign, No more water, the fire next time!” I picture James Baldwin writing this short pair of essays as he sits before a typewriter with a lit cigarette in a humid Harlem apartment; with his ashtray overflowing and coffee stains littering the surfaces around him. The centennial of the Emancipation Proclamation that declared that black men “shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free” loomed … [Read more...]

It’s Not That Kind of Map.

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OK, GUYS, I’m doing something I hardly ever do. I’m going to blog about something I am currently reading — not something I’ve recently read, because I’m loving it that much. I am also making a Summer Lemon Frosé because you’re worth it. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching. I’ve been feeling really lost since my hearing has become so bad that a lot of what I thought my life should be or … [Read more...]

I Like My Humping Like I Like My Martinis: Dry.

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Reader/Eater You know I love Penny Reid like most people love coffee in the morning or their vibrator at night. Or in the morning, you do you. Literally. Either way, I am an unabashed fangirl who is fortunate enough that I am given advanced copies of her books, which is good, because if she didn’t, I’d be forced to get really stalkery, and read over her shoulder, and everyone hates that. So, as per usual, I’m … [Read more...]

Slow what?: Review of “Slow Gardening”

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By now, I’m sure that all good Ethicurean readers are familiar with Slow Food and the tenets of this movement: the pleasure of good, clean, fair food and celebrating our many food traditions. The idea of “Slow” has shown up in other organizations and ideas, such as Slow Cities and Slow Money, both of which encourage local engagement in community and economic life. Now the concept of “Slow Gardening” comes in a new book of the same name, from … [Read more...]

Fighting Irish (Patriarchy?)

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Reader/Eater Let me just start by saying this: I hate my ovaries. I hate my uterus. I hate the curse of Eve. I hate the patriarchy. I hate that the vegan pop tarts have no frosting, and I hate that day drinking is considered so gauche–because my uterus says it’d benefit quite a bit from a dram or two right about now. I don’t hate a marshmallow chai cookie cake, and I definitely don’t hate Penny Reid or L.H. Cosway. … [Read more...]

There are vegans in Michigan, right?

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Reader/Eater Hey Scamps! Great day to be an American, right? everything sucks and I wish I was Canadian. You know what state borders Canada, has a boss climate this time of year, and is home to the characters in today’s book? If you guessed Michigan, you’d be right. So let’s get there quick before the Canadians start building a wall built out of Mounty hats and maple syrup, shall we? The author of this book is giving veganism a … [Read more...]

Just Bang Bang Already.

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Reader/Eater This is how you should all feel today: (if you ignore everything else happening in America) But it’s even better. Because there is no creepy fluffy-shirted asshat who just wants your V-Card and a grab and some PYT boobies. What day is it, you ask? It’s Benzin Day! Omens and Artifacts, baby. (Also Sichuan Spring Rolls and Bang Bang Sauce, but that’s later.) You all know by now that not only do I love Elizabeth … [Read more...]

Definitely Damaged.

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Reader/Eater Let me start this post with a truth: I’m crazy. Genuinely crazy. I am a high-functioning crazy person. I have ADHD and GAD and MDD. Most people who meet me–especially those with whom I work, have no idea. How else would I pursue a PhD, and come home at night to make an easy vegan tomato flatbread to share with them in the office? They know I’m gregarious and tend toward being the Hermione Granger of a group. They … [Read more...]

Top 15 Books for Fall 2016

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Reader/Eater This post actually took a REALLY long time. Determining the top 15 books for fall 2016 is like choosing which $100 bill you like best. There really are that many books coming out this fall that I’m desperate to read. And this is just a list of traditionally published books. (Their expected dates/release dates tend to be a lot more fixed than independently published authors.) If I were including independently published books, … [Read more...]

True Life: My Bookshelves Are a Shitshow.

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Reader/Eater (Two things before we get into the meat of the post, 1: all links are affiliate links when they link to Amazon. 2: The Vegan MaPo Tofu at the end is the yummiest ever, and that’s not hyperbole.) “Give me a room whose every nook is dedicated to a book.” ― Robert Southey Ok, I am a firm believer of throwing shit away. Having lived in NYC for well over a decade, I know how precious space is, and I understand the importance of … [Read more...]

The Best Middle Grade Books for Adventurous Readers

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Reader/Eater When I sat down to gather the best middle grade books for adventurous readers, I went back to my own time as a young reader. Because I was really a horrible asshole as a child, or I was just batcrap crazy…one or the other, I read A LOT. When I was 8-12 I just read what my MawMaw and the librarian who smelled of Salem slim lights told me to read. I’m surprised the librarian didn’t have me reading The Valley of The … [Read more...]

Do Not Google Image Search “Vermont Horse Play.”

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Reader/Eater I love fruit. I love cooking and/or drinking. I love strapping men who are well-versed in both. Chef Michael Chernow makes me want to eat meat. I love second chances. Shut it, you red-eyed cuntalufagus, no one likes you anyway. So, it stands to reason that a book that has all three, a great story, a leading lady that makes me so happy, and the perfect, not over the top, HEA would be SO SO good to me, right? Which is why on … [Read more...]

Best Beach Books for 2016

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Reader Eater Every year I do a summer roundup, this summer, I’ve decided to split up the books by the amount of time you have to read each. The Best Beach Books of 2016 I’ve read all of them. I personally vouch for each and every one. These are fantastic reads. Afternoon at the shore: Under 200 pages Day at the Beach: 200-400 pages Weekend in the Hamptons: 400-600 pages A Week at Rehobath: 600-700 pages Summer share: 700+ pages Set … [Read more...]

Currently: May 2016

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So so much to report this month… If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ve likely had some spoilers, but here’s the news, y’all… CURRENT FAVORITE MOMENT OF MAY Meeting Elizabeth Gilbert… and attending her speaking engagement.  Read all about that amazing night here. CURRENT TRAVEL SHOTS You’re not even going to believe it, but I’ve been home all month.  ALL MONTH LONG.  Since I’ve … [Read more...]

Get Series(ous) #16

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Reader Eater Well hello, Get Series(ous)! Today is a super fun series with an unexpected heroine, crazy antics, a failing city, and 100% more major felonies committed by the protagonist! (On purpose.) SOOOOO, Do you ever wake up thinking You work hard. You study harder. You do everything right. And yet, someone, SOMEONE who CHEATS, who MAKES THEIR OWN RULES, who fucks everyone…gets unconscionably rich. And you just want to But then, … [Read more...]

The Staff and The Blade Cover Reveal.

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Reader Eater It’s no secret Elizabeth Hunter and I are friends. So when she asked me if I wanted in on the cover reveal, I tried to demand sexual favors–from her characters. Alas, they’re only real in my mind. One day I’ll be able to manifest my book boyfriends into reality. Anyway, I’m super excited about The Staff and the Blade. You see, Damien, like me, is SLAVIC. So, I feel like, even though he’s a figment … [Read more...]