Losing 50 Pounds and Keeping it Off

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Shira at age 25, 175 poundsShira at age 45, 125 poundsWhen Shira was 25 years old she weighed 175 pounds and felt she was about 50 pounds overweight given her height of 5'4".She went on to lose the weight starting from the inside out through jornaling, positive self-talk and visualization in addition to lots of exercise and eating better.What is doubly wonderful about her story is that she has successfully maintained this weight loss for twenty … [Read more...]

In Superb Shape After Four Pregnancies

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Dani a few months after her third birth, at 187 pounds - and a few months after giving birth to her fourth child.Well, this is not the typical success story we read about here. Dani has never really had a weight issue.She has four children age six and younger! She is 38 years old and has an incredible body after four pregnancies.How does she do it? Mostly she eats very healthy foods. She also exercises.She's just started a blog about food and … [Read more...]

How to Reduce Bloating

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Poached asparagusThanks to Tom Corson-Knowles for submitting this guest post about ways to reduce bloating.Feeling bloated?Honestly, bloating has got to be one of the most uncomfortable feelings you can have, especially if it's chronic. Some people have been bloated for so long, they forget what it feels like to be normal!But here's the deal - bloating is not normal. It's a sign that there's something going on with your body and it usually stems … [Read more...]

160 Pounds of Butter Lighter Now

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Jough recently reflected on his four years of "clean livin'". He made the decision to lose weight four years ago when he weighed 451 pounds. He has successfully lost 163 pounds since then, although there have been many plateaus along the way. He's now at 287 pounds, and would like to ideally reach 200.He's lost the weight so far by aiming to stick to a 2000 calories a day diet and by exercising regularly. He does two miles on his treadmill most … [Read more...]

Losing the First 40 Pounds in Four Months

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Don wants to weigh 210 pounds again.He has been overweight for over 25 years.Four months ago he weighed 365 pounds. That's when he set his goal to lose the weight and to bike an average of 100 miles a week. He has lost 40 pounds since then.Last week he posted this on his blog;"I am a half pound from my official “40 pounds lost” day! It has been a little bit of a culture shock.Don on Day One, Four Months AgoI can get in and out of my car easier. I … [Read more...]

Getting in Top Shape after Losing 110 Pounds

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Adrian lost 110 pounds in one year. She's 5'4" and weighed 230 pounds three years ago. She lost all the weight in one year and has kept it off since then, for the last two years.These days she is training for a second marathon. She finished her first marathon just two months ago.Now she has a chance to win a cover model contest for Women's Running Magazine! Please see her inspirational website at ChaseFear.com. She would be so thrilled to win … [Read more...]

Teen Loses 100 Pounds in Ten Months

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Charles before weight lossCharles after weight lossCharles is a teenager, age 16, who became determined to lose weight 14 months ago. At that point he weighed 285 pounds. Within ten months of starting, he had succeeded in losing 100 pounds! Three months later he had lost another 15 pounds to reach his goal weight of 170 pounds. (He is 6'0 tall.)Charles did this with amazing tenacity and has completely changed his life around. Here is his hugely … [Read more...]

Average Women’s Size in 2012

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Here's a couple of interesting infographics I saw today on In Your Face. The average woman's dress size in 2012 is size 14, average height is 5'4 and average weight is 164 pounds. (This is for adult women over the age of 20) (c) Weight Loss Success Stories - Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Losing 50 Pounds on the Atkins Diet

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Kristine, age 21, is elated that she's lost about 50 pounds. Two years ago she weighed 174 pounds and was wearing black clothes everyday to look thinner. Her mood was bad and she often felt fatigued.That's when she decided to try the low-carb Atkins diet. The Atkins diet doesn't ask you to count calories or watch your portions. It does severely restrict your carbohydrate intake. She was able to eat all the protein she wanted and never felt … [Read more...]

Low Carb Lifestyle Leads to Dramatic Weight Loss

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Dan before at 340 pounds and after at 182 poundsThanks much to Dan for submitting his story; The sudden death of my wife of 37 years from diet related causes changed my life. I knew I had to make a change or I would be next. For the sake of my children still at home I began to study.I began living a low carb high fat lifestyle two and a half years ago. I’ve lost 158 pounds, my type 2 diabetes is gone along with a heart condition. I feel … [Read more...]

Losing Belly Fat with Rolfing?

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Last week I met up with a friend I hadn't seen for a few months. She looked fantastic and had obviously lost weight, especially around her stomach area. She was never much overweight before but was carrying extra weight around her belly in the past. I expected her to tell me she had started some new regular fitness regimen. But instead she gleefully explained that 'rolfing' had led her to finally lose this belly fat. She's had some digestion … [Read more...]

Losing Pain and 60 Pounds

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Congrats to Teri who lost sixty pounds seven years ago and has maintained this weight loss since then. She says she used to be a yo-yo dieter all her life and had tried many diets. "I had a stressful career, and my position required excessive travel. I was home on average of three days a month, and mostly I wined and dined for a living (sounds tough, doesn't it?). When the weight creeps on at five pounds a year, it doesn't seem so bad. At … [Read more...]

Obese to Super Fit in One Year

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Brian at 345 poundsBrian at 175 poundsThanks much to Brian for submitting his story. Brian weighed 345 pounds in April of last year. Today he weighs 175 pounds! It's an amazing achievement. To start off, i can't ever remember where weight wasn't an issue for me. I've always been bigger, overweight, doctors and parents telling me that i should look towards losing weight. For whatever reason, i didn't think it was that serious. Even as a bigger … [Read more...]

Swimming to Lose Weight – 100 Pounds Lighter Now

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Matthew at Start of Weight LossMatthew after losing 100 poundsMatthew weighed 469 pounds about five months ago. He's lost an incredible 104 pounds since then. He still wants to lose another 150 pounds but realizes this may take quite a bit longer.Matthew did this by completely overhauling his diet and exercising almost every day.His exercise of choice is swimming and his almost daily schedule includes 225 yards easy freestyle, 100 free sprint, 50 … [Read more...]

Going From XXXXL to Medium Size Shirt

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Shawn Before Losing 140 poundsAt 205 pounds (after losing 140 pounds)Shawn used to wear an XXXXL (4XL) shirt but now wears a medium size shirt. He's lost 140 pounds. It took him just six months to lose the first one hundred pounds. Another thirty pounds got pounded away by the end of the first year - in Janurary 2010. He got down to under two hundred pounds at one point soon after but is now wavering at a pretty happy 220 or so..Shawn lost his … [Read more...]

New Year – New Inspiration to Lose Weight!

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Mike after extreme weight lossHi everyone, I haven't posted any stories for quite a while. But wanted to get back to it and here is a very joyous and inspirational video to help you in your New Year's resolutions and motivation! Mike lost over 350 pounds. He lost it in a very short time (in his first 17 months of weight loss, he lost 330 pounds). He was obese all his young life but at the age of 20 a big switch went off (after a car accident) … [Read more...]

Losing 110 Pounds in One Year

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Rishi Lost 110 Pounds in One YearRishi had been overweight all his life until age 25. Both his parents were also overweight. When he was in his early 20's he watched his father undergo triple bypass surgery. But at this time he was still not worried about his own obesity. He continued to eat lots of junk food and did not exercise. It was only when he turned 25 and got a serious health scare that he decided to change his lifestyle. He ended up in … [Read more...]

New Joy After Weight Loss

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Hailey before (2009)Hailey after losing 130 poundsHailey is a very happy young woman these days. She has succeeded in losing 130 pounds. She feels so good in her new life and she's offered her story to encourage people who are justing starting out in their journey to get fit. Hope you enjoy.Three and a half years ago, I was 20 years old and weighed 287 pounds. I had always been the person that everyone turned to, the confident and the support … [Read more...]