Man Hands: A Gripping (Groping?) Romance.

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Reader/Eater I know, I’ve been reviewing some pretty hard to read stuff, lately. Almost no romance. Honestly, I just couldn’t get into it. Unless a friend wrote it, I mostly ignored it in favor of books on social justice, books on repairing the country, hopeful books, and organizing/planning/action tomes. Today, I’m reviewing Man Hands by Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby and making BANG! BANG! Tofu because I’m tired. I’m … [Read more...]

Reader/Eater’s Best Books of 2017

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Reader/Eater Well, it seems as though another year has passed. 2017 was a real kick in the teeth if I do say so myself. It was hard. Nothing about it was ordinary or easy. We have an irresponsible toddler in the White House, the GOP passed a ridiculous tax bill overwhelmingly benefiting the rich, and they cancelled Good Girls Revolt. What the fuck. However, books were amazing in 2017, and I read PLENTY of them. Here are my picks for the best … [Read more...]

The Gay Revolution: A Must Read

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Reader/Eater *affiliate link A few years ago, I had the great honor of meeting writer and activist Lillian Faderman at a talk she was giving about the struggles of gay rights from the mid twentieth century to the landmark Obergefell versus Hodges decision of 2015. She would also be signing copies of her new work, The Gay Revolution, which I was hesitant to grab at the time. I was taken by her unyielding passion, poise, and the emotional quality … [Read more...]

No More Water; The Fire Next Time

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Reader/Eater “God gave Noah the rainbow sign, No more water, the fire next time!” I picture James Baldwin writing this short pair of essays as he sits before a typewriter with a lit cigarette in a humid Harlem apartment; with his ashtray overflowing and coffee stains littering the surfaces around him. The centennial of the Emancipation Proclamation that declared that black men “shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free” loomed … [Read more...]

Men Explain Things To Me And I Point Out Their Errors

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Reader/Eater This is more of an academic-style review of this book, be forewarned. I was required to review it for a class in activist lit, and I felt that it’s important enough to bring to this arena. I have expanded upon it as well. However, I’ve removed all my footnotes so that it flows easier, you’re welcome. In a series of seven scathing essays, Rebecca Solnit works through the complex dynamics of male/female interaction … [Read more...]

A Beard In The Mind Is Worth Two In The Bush

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Reader/Eater I’ve always loved Penny Reid’s books. Since Neanderthal Seeks Human, I’ve been hooked to them. It was one of the first romances wherein it was a total escape, but I could also see myself in the characters. Jane was a revelation for me. She constantly drops weird facts. She’s taller than fuck. She’s often overwhelmed by the need to conform to polite society because she’s simply not wired to look at … [Read more...]

You Had One Job, America.

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Reader/Eater I have spent the better part of a week trying to determine how I will review what is arguably the most important book of the decade. What Happened by Hillary Clinton is not the type of book I normally review here on R/E, but I’ve often made it clear she’s one of my heroes.  This book felt so very necessary, that not reviewing it would be disingenuous to who I am as a writer and person. To add a recipe as usual seems … [Read more...]

Get Series(ous) #16 and Figue et Citron Champagne Cocktails


Reader/Eater First of all, my heart goes out to the people of Houston, Rockport, Port Aransas, and the other areas of Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey. I cannot imagine the stress you’re under. Before I get to the figue et citron champagne cocktails, though, I want to note that starting next week, I’m doing a read along of Spoonbenders (affiliate link) on my Facebook page. It looks a treat, and I’m really excited for us to dig … [Read more...]

This Is How You Do It.

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Reader/Eater As I sit on my bed writing this post, there’s a cat curled up asleep beside me, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s not a cat at all, and instead a fallen angel. I mean, if I were a fallen angel, I could see taking the form of an asshole that gets pampered as much as it desires. I’d be doing a bit more than editing pictures of perfectly spiced chicken thighs, I’ll tell you that much. But I digress. What … [Read more...]

Kids and Imagination: Knights and Templars and Monsters, Oh, MY!

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Reader/Eater My kids are big, big readers. It’s obviously something that was important to me, given my own love of reading, but it’s not always guaranteed, you know? My son has been a big fan of Riordan, Rowling, and C.S. Lewis, but has pretty much burned through their entire catalog. Then, in March, Medieval Times in New Jersey invited my family out for an evening of jousting and tourney-ing — and wine. Let’s not forget … [Read more...]

Toss Your Own Salad, In This Case It’s Charred Cauliflower and Chickpea Quinoa Salad

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Reader/Eater I’m pretty picky about cookbooks. Occasionally, I will come across one that I adore. However, most of the time, I’m ambivalent–using just a few of the recipes. But a book titled Toss Your Own Salad? How could I say no? So I made charred cauliflower and chickpea quinoa salad  to go with it, and I’ll just eat some while I write, cool? Toss Your Own Salad reads like a story and eats like a fucking champion. … [Read more...]

It’s Not That Kind of Map.

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OK, GUYS, I’m doing something I hardly ever do. I’m going to blog about something I am currently reading — not something I’ve recently read, because I’m loving it that much. I am also making a Summer Lemon Frosé because you’re worth it. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching. I’ve been feeling really lost since my hearing has become so bad that a lot of what I thought my life should be or … [Read more...]

On Being Badass.

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Reader/Eater Today’s post is so exciting for me. My life has been shifting the past several months, and like a guy with a hard-on he just can’t hide, I’m pumped to talk about it. Today, it’s all about making money, and of course, food. Healthy Hibiscus Popsicles to help you feel great as you improve yourself. A couple of months ago, good friend, Danielle Liss of Businessese and Hashtag Legal (more on that later) invited me … [Read more...]

Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls: Art in Romance.

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Reader/Eater When I started narrowing down my choices for my list post of five sexy tortured artists in romance, I kept thinking about how there are all sorts of sexy themes in romance novels, firemen, navy seals, cops, billionaires, billionaire firemen, billionaire cops, billionaire navy seals, billionaire billionaires…There are also the taboo themes, stepbrother, stepfather, teacher, professor, OBGYN, priest, billionaire … [Read more...]

I Like My Humping Like I Like My Martinis: Dry.

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Reader/Eater You know I love Penny Reid like most people love coffee in the morning or their vibrator at night. Or in the morning, you do you. Literally. Either way, I am an unabashed fangirl who is fortunate enough that I am given advanced copies of her books, which is good, because if she didn’t, I’d be forced to get really stalkery, and read over her shoulder, and everyone hates that. So, as per usual, I’m … [Read more...]

On Writing. (On “I Stole That Title From Stephen King Because He Hasn’t Adopted Me, Yet.”)

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Reader/Eater I’ve been absent. I know, you’re sad. I’m sad, too. Alas, I was getting used to my new life. Alas, I have a new superfood sushi with spicy sauce recipe for you–and some bitching, so, gird yer loins. So, I’m kind of a big deal. Just kidding! I’ve just taken a position as a staff writer at So, while I’ve been getting comfy in that role, I haven’t been on here as much. Also, … [Read more...]

Ninja Waffles


Reader/Eater Ok, so I made awesome vegan chocolate chai waffles for this post, so hold onto your butts. You know what kind of post I’ve not done in FOREVER?! So I’m doing one. This series is for the PNR lover. A purist. Someone who loves all the silly trappings of the genre. Fated mates. Long-lived vampires. Bunnies who turn into people. Magical ninja butlers who could kill you with kitchen fork–or their minds…An … [Read more...]

Do Vampires Drink Bloody Marys?

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Reader/Eater Do you know what day is coming up? OH YES! Easter! Other than the deeply religious significance of the holiday, it also means two very important things: brunch, and Easter eggs. Well, I have something for both cravings right now. One is the perfect twist on a classic in the form of a spicy Irish Bloody Mary–in three forms, and the other is in the novella and short I’m reviewing. EASTER EGGS. IT HAZ THEMS. Today is the … [Read more...]